Labour Rate time span

Is it possible to tell AyaNova that a service rate is for a half-hour interval, not an hour? I want to have the start/stop time correctly reflect the service rate quantitiy for half-hours, but I get the impression from the help file that this might not be possible…

Hi Flood, that is correct.
You can of course have your Rates themselves for whatever unit of time (a single minute, a half hour, whatever), but the Service Quantity field when you enter a start and stop time is by default based on an hour and is not editable - i.e. if you enter in 12:30PM as the start and 2:00PM as the stop, the Service Rate Quantity will automatically fill in 1.5 for 1.5 hours.

If you use a different unit of time for your Rate, you will need to edit the Service Rate Quantity itself after entering in the start and stop time.
But no, you can not change the default that displays the quantity in hours.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

I see - is it possible that this is something that will be possible in the future?

Hi again, will certainly put it onto developments list to look into for a possible future feature.

  • Joyce