Laptop only Program?

Hi, I have looked through your forum and help files and cannot find a definite answer to my question: Is this program web-based, or can I use it as a stand-alone program? I have a small service company that has grown beyond my ability to track my customers on paper and MS-Excel. I need to track some customers for service at 6 months and others at 2-3 months intervals.

I plan to use the program on a laptop (Toughbook) that will not have access to the Internet (except at night). Will I be able to access my customer database without Internet?

Thank You, Chris J.

Hi Chris

Yes, just install the AyaNova program directly onto your laptop taking the defaults as per this will install the database as well as the program files right onto your laptop so everything is right there for you.

In your case, you would just run AyaNova as a single user on a single computer (on your laptop) as per

There is no need to have internet access to run the full AyaNova program.

For access to the Help documentation which is online through the internet, you will want to download the Help PDF from (scroll down to where it has the Adobe logo and says to download the Help documentation for off-line access and/or printing).

And if by “I need to track some customers for service at 6 months and others at 2-3 months intervals” you mean Preventive Maintenance where you can create a PM order once, and your AyaNova will automaticaly generate a service workorder from it as often and when you state. Start reviewing details about this in the Help section

Let us know if any additional questions.

  • Joyce