Large LDF log file for SQL Server can cause problems

Normally, with a SQL database, the transaction log file AyaNova_log.LDF file can be up to 20% larger than the actual database file AyaNova.mdf

The log file records all of the transactions in the database.

If you check your log file, and it is much larger than 20% of the database (I’ve seen log files that are 20GB when the database is only 100MB), issues can arise.

-The log file could continue to grow and eventually crash your computer when it runs out of hard drive space
-Hard drive space is being wasted unnecessarily
-Your backup space on backup devices is being wasted unnecessarily
-The time to backup takes a very long time

Here’s an informative page about this

Basically, ensure that the database is set to Simple Recovery mode and than shrink the log file.

Refer also to the Microsoft topics:

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A transaction log grows unexpectedly or becomes full on a computer that is running SQL Server

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