Last Five Open Workorders

It would be great to see previous work orders on one screen when creating a new screen. We had even talked about how cool it would be to have an incoming call screen, where the operator could have a quick pick list of clients to open and log their call and see the last five open work orders to see if the call fell under one of thoes or if it was a new call, so a work order could be built properly.

[AyaNova Tech Support note]

Using the filter feature of the grids in AyaNova 3, you can easily select to display only workorders greater than a certain date, as well as use the standard filter settings for the Service Date of [Month - Current], [Month - Next], [Today], [Tomorrow], [Week - Current], [Week - Previous], and more.

And using the Filter Drop List selector, you can save common filters so you can quickly select the saved filter view that may have one or many filters on it.