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The website makes it very clear that the license fees are based on the number of schedulable users. However, we need to run AyaNova on two or three computers, and just want to be sure that this does not require extra license fees. Those computers are in the same office, are used for the same service, and will use the same schedulable users. It’s simply that we might have different people making assignments, looking at reports, etc.

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Hello Jerry

Yes - you are correct. You only purchase for the number of schedulable users - not the number of computers, nor the number of users viewing or entering data.

The number of schedulable users you have is the number of licenses you will want to purchase.

  • Joyce

Here’s a follow up to the first question. Say I didn’t need to use this as a scheduling tool, but more as a workorder management tool. Would I only need the 1 license? Or am I not able to enter a work order with out “scheduling” / assigning it to a tech?

Hi Jeremy

You do not have to assign a service workorder to a schedulable user - but the program itself needs at least one user set as a schedulable user, and therefore at least one license purchased to unlock it for use.

  • Joyce

Thank you Joyce, I figured it would require at least the 1 scheduable user for the program to function properly.

Hi again Jeremy

Just wanted to ensure it was clear that at least one license was requiredeven if not scheduling or assigning to a specific person - as we actually have had acompany state they should be allowed to use it for free as will not be scheduling actual people :w00t: Along with all the features that one license provides to a company including inventory, notifications and option of either the free Firebird server or use with the free SQL Express server, we also provide free technical support at no extra charge and maintenance updates at no charge, with AyaNova being a very affordable small business service management & workorder program.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Joyce

Joyce, I thought I would post this under the same topic as it is along the lines of the same subject. We are looking into using AyaNova fora large equipment repair business. I will be the only one most likely scheduling PM’s, work orders, etc. However, the owners will also be using the software to view the work orders and his daily schedule. Will we need two licenses as well or just one?

Hi Debbie

Users entering workorders or other data, or viewing data do not require a license. Only the number of schedulable users would require a license each. If you are the only one that would be scheduled to perform the service, you would only require one license.

What is the number of schedulable users in your company?

  • Joyce

Well we will only have one technician right now, he will performing all of the work at onsite locations. Basically he will be in the field and I will be in my home office processing everything so the actually he would be the scheduable user then.

Hi again

Only one schedulable user license would than be needed by your company as users entering data or viewing data do not require a license. You can purchase via the links available at

Let me know if additional questions.

  • Joyce