Limit results to parts used over $500 on detail report template in service

Looking for a way to limit the results of a report to parts used in Work Order that are over $500.


Recommendation and the easiest to do, would be to filter the grid itself so that only records show where the Price of the part is over $500
For example, if the Parts grid in the Service navigation pane, select Custom filter on the Price field -> select condition of > Greater than -> select a record that is $500 or closest to. Now only records that have a Price greater than that price you selected will show.
Now select your report which too will only display the records that were showing on your filtered grid.

Or another option may be to utilize a script or scripts to identify if the Price is greater than 500.00, to show, else if 500 or less, do not show.

I checked in these forums but do not see an existing exact example of such. If you would like me to research and provide, please send as per #3 of forum topic Custom-report-templates and I would be happy to provide an estimate to do so.

  • Joyce