Linking Reports

Is there a way to link the customized report to a customer, so that when you print an invoice for the customer the report can also be printed that corresponds to the service?

Hi Surbine

When you “print an invoice for the customer” to me this would be printing the Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total report.
That Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total report template is already designed to identify the billable amounts owed by the client, AND also provides the Service Details entered.

Or perhaps what you want is that the client gets automatically emailed a specific service workorder report for that workorder, when that workorder is either checkmark Closed or set to a specific status?
You can certainly do this with AyaNova using combination of Regions and Client Notifications - review about Client Notifications starting and then set up as per

If I misunderstood what was asked, please do expand further.

  • Joyce

What we are looking for is to attach an excel spreadsheet with the customer’s Preventive Maintenance Checklist.

Is this possible?

Thank you,

Sherri Urbine

Hi Sherri

I think what you mean than, is that you want to know if when AyaNova is printing one report, if AyaNova can automatically print some other report?
If so, no.
Perhaps if you provide specific details - including what exactly is a “customer’s Preventive Maintenance Checklist”, what is the task(s) that attaching this excel spreadsheet accomplishes, attached to what specifically - with context I can help make perhaps another suggestion

  • Joyce

we have several spread sheets that we have created, that have a checklist for our techs to check specific equipment when they go to a job site -we want to be able to attach this spread sheet to the customer associated with the service call - so it will automatically print or email with the ayanova service order, we then want this spread sheet to also transfer from ayanova to quickbooks when we process the QBI merge, is this a possibility?

thanks Joyce!

Not sure what exactly is on this checklist nor how it relates to AyaNova data, but based on the information provided I would say no not with an external excel spreadsheet.

Suggestion would be to use Task Groups and tasks.
Do review about Task Groups, Tasks, how to create and edit etc

If you use tasks, than this way these tasks would be right there in the workorder entry screen itself for your tech to checkmark has completed or not.
And these same tasks can print on a report that is with the workorder - i.e. select to Print the Sample Dispatching Report template as this sample report template is already designed to show tasks if there are any.

Tasks are not an option to show via Descriptive Text in a billable invoice created via QBI, so can not be imported into the QuickBooks invoice.
Instead if you want the details of the service to be included, then the suggestion is to provide along with the QuickBooks invoice a copy of the service workorder report that does show those Tasks.

  • Joyce