*list a Unit's Vendor in a Unit Asset Report now in AyaNova 4*

I have a customer who we need to provide a list of all assets we are servicing for them.

They want the report broken down by location and their assets (Units) listed as:

Manufacturer (Vendor) Model Serial Number

I created a template from the Units Grid, broken down by location, that includes the Model and Serial number but how do I include the Vendor?



I have moved this to the Wish List section of this forum

You can notlist a unit’s vendor in a report from the Unit grid as it is not a selectable field in the summaruy report template designer.

A Summary Report Template for an object has access only to fields of itself - only fields of the Unit entry screen are possibly available for selection in a Unit’s summary report template design.

I have moved this to the Wish List section of the forum for development to look into what is involved tohave a DetailedReport Template for the Units grid/entry screenfor a future version that incorporates other fields from other screens.

  • Joyce

AyaNova 4 will now have the Units grid (and its report templates) now also display the columns Purchased From, Description, Unit Model Category, Unit Model Vendor, and Receipt Number

  • Joyce