Looking for a UK contact


I’m looking for a contact in the UK who use AyaNova vers 3 with QBI.

We currently use AyaNova but have a manual task of interfacing with our currentinvoicing system, and I’d like to find outa little about peoples experience of using Quick Books and it’s interface with AyaNova.

We are based in Hampshire, so if there is anyonewithin a reasonable distance who would be prepared tochat and possibly demonstrate their system please drop me a mail.

Regards - Brian

Hi Brian

Also, if you want to test out QBI v3 before purchase - just contact us by sending us a direct email to support@ayanova.com that includes:

  1. if an existing AyaNova user:
    -your existing registered company name and the number of licenses you presently have

  2. if not yet an AyaNova user
    -your company name
    -contact information
    -how many schedulable user licenses you would like to try out with
    -along with request for QBI license too

And we will send out a full temporary 30 day keycode to apply to your existing installed AyaNova so that you can test it with QuickBooks and QBI.

  • Joyce