Looking into buy Ayanova

I have a electrical contracting business and have 16 employees i use quick books premier 2004 i am doing scheduling on microsoft outlook what advantage will using ayanova give me. I have been reading some of the question on this forum and it sound like you need to be a computer enginer to use this program.


AyaNova is used by many different service organizations, not just computer service companies, but also auto repair, plumbing, locksmith, alarm and security, HVAC, appliance repair, medical equipment repair, electronic repair, electricians, lawn care, property management, schools, municipal maintenance and many others.

You do not need to be a computer engineer to use AyaNova - in fact, the majority of configuration issues posted on this forum are from computer service companies because they just will not follow the steps that are laid out in the manuals with screenshots and everything, whereas those that are self-confessed “computer illiterate” have no problems, because they are more than willing to follow the steps to configure AyaNova for network use, or configure the optional add-on QBI, etc.

AyaNova has many features that would be an advantage over Outlook - all in one program.

The web page http://www.ayanova.com/service_management_software.htm contains a brief outline of the features of AyaNova

First of many advantages that come to mind right away is maintaining a complete record of service from start to finish in one location - the workorder entry screen - regardless of the number of techs that are scheduled, the amount of parts used, how many days the service actually took, etc. And this can be viewed and printed by the techs before they go to perform the service (knnow what parts to take, what specifically needs to be performed or has already been done, etc) as well as a complete printout for the client when service is completed.

One person I was just corresponding with, kept forgetting to bill out with their old system (some sort of combination of Excel and Outlook). With AyaNova, its so easy to make a quick filter of what work orders are completed but not yet invoiced. First six months alone he figures he brought in an extra $20,000 because there was no more “forgotten” workorders that should have been billed out.

Another feature AyaNova users really like is the “part request” ability of the workorder - sometimes when service requires ordering of parts specifically for the job, when the parts come in, no one remembers what workorder it is supposed to go with, or even remembers that the work needs to be finished.With AyaNova, when the part is received into inventory, the tech because they had subscribed to being notified, is notified (either email, AyaNova popup, AyaNova memo, pager) that the part is in - so no forgotten parts, andclients are not miffed that they were forgotten about either.

Another feature management likes is the reporting ability - from determining billable hours for techs, to client service history, to workorders that are not yet invoiced, to client labels for letters and much more. AyaNova includes many sample report templates, plus we include many more on this forum at Additional Sample Report Templates & Tutorials section of this forum - that you can customize yourself further using the internal report designer.

AyaNova has many many features. I encourage you to download the trial AyaNova from http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm and install. Also check out the Help documentation do go through it as it contains detailed information on every feature as well as tips on use and tutorials to get the most out of AyaNova. We also offer a 30 day key keycode so that there are no limitations if you are interested.

Let me know if you have additional questions.

  • Joyce