Lower left Menu order change


Is it possible to change the order of the lower left hand side buttons As I would like to have the search button upbut don’t need vendors up all the time?



Hello Ian

There is a way coming in the full release where the user can remove buttons from showing on the navigation pane and change the order.

It was not enabled with this beta release as it needed some tweaking to prevent users from removing a feature totally and then being unable to recover at all.

It will be accessible from the Navigation Configure Button (little double arrow at the bottom right of the navigation pane) where presently you can show more or less buttons.

  • Joyce

Will move this to the Wish List forum where suggestions for new features and expansion on existing features are listed.

Thank you for your suggestion.

This will be a feature in AyaNova 3 and higher

If you have rights to the navigation pane, you will be able to customize the view and order of the navigation pane.

And if you are a user of a security group that does not have rights to a navigation pane, than that navigation pane will not display.

<FORUM NOTE: See the section “AyaNova Navigation Pane” in the AyaNova v3 Manual from [i]http://www.ayanova.com/download.htm[/i] for details how to move the order of displayed panes as well as not display panes if not needed>