Maintenance upgrade 6.6 - lost client data

I have followed the instructions to update from 6.5 to 6.6 and in doing so, my client list is missing the City, State or Province, Postal / ZIP Code, and Country fields. They were all there prior to the update. I did a backup of the database and a csv export of the client list prior to the update and the export file does have all the correct info in it. What is the best way to fix this issue? Do I restore the database? I don’t want to loose any of my customizations on locals, forms etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Steve

Upgrading from 6.5 to 6.6. will NOT lose ANY data in AyaNova.

Please confirm exactly what you mean by “Client list” - what Client List are you referring to? How do you get this Client List? Provide specifics so that I fully understand what it is that you are doing and can recreate here to understand and help.

  • Joyce

Ok, I did an export from the 6.6 update and looked at the data in the csv file and it appears all of the fields are there but when I look at the client grid in 6.6, it does not display info in the City,Postal,Country fields anymore and the same goes when I click on a client in the grid to edit them. I originally imported my clients list from a csv export of the old POS software. The import worked perfectly in 6.5. All the correct fields were there.

I am also having another issue where the drop down fields for forms shows nothing but the - sign therefore unable to select from the list of reports.


BTW: Looking through some of the other posts, I am having the same issue found in this post: Reinstalling-on-anther-computor

Hello Steve

Updating to the latest version from 6.5 to 6.6. DOES NOT delete any data your AyaNova database has.

Let’s check exactly what you had before, compared to now. It may just be a misunderstanding of where you are looking.

For example, when you are viewing the CSV file you exported from AyaNova before updating 6.5 to 6.6, make sure you are viewing the exact same client as the Client entry screen you than view in AyaNova.
Also too, are you viewing the Physial Address vs the Postal Address in the Client’s entry screen?
By default the Physical is selected.
Are ALL client’s address fields showing empty in the Client’s grid? Or just a few certain clients?
The Client’s grid’s columns relating to addresses show the Physical Address data, not the Postal. Do confirm whether your clients have just Postal address information or had both.
Also, who are you logged into AyaNova as?
Also test logging in as the AyaNova Administrator.

Send the following via direct email to

  • copy of your ayalog.txt file from your AyaNova program folder
  • zip up the CSV file that you created before you updated and attach too
  • date when this CSV file was created
  • screenshot of the client’s entry screen where you are no longer seeing the client’s address - screenshot that is all of the client’s entry screen plus showing Postal, and screenshot that is all of the client’s entry screen plus showing Physical Address

We can also too for your own peace of mind look at getting a copy of your existing 6.6 database and compare against a backup of your 6.5 database before you updated to double-make-sure too .

Your second item “I am also having another issue where the drop down fields for forms shows nothing but the - sign therefore unable to select from the list of reports.” Do you mean that you have NO report templates listed anymore? I am not sure by your question what the actual issue is - please explain and provide examples of exactly what you mean.
For example, do you mean that you are in the Service Workorders grid, you click on the Print menu option to display the list of available report templates, and there are no report templates listed at all?
Provide examples of from at least two different locations in AyaNova - for example, from a specific grid and from a specific entry screen.

I’ll keep checking in to see if you have responded and sent the details to, even though it is a Sunday here.

  • Joyce

Have not heard back from you Steve?

Do send asap so that can help you resolve asap.

  • Joyce

Wanted to post here for others too:

Received information from Steve.

Both CSV files made - one from prior to 6.6 upgrade and one made after - show exact same client data - that the clients ONLY have Postal Address data.
The Clients grid ONLY shows Physical Address columns.
His AyaNova clients do not have Physical Address information, and never did have Physical Address information even back when using 6.5 or lower (as confirmed by his CSV file made prior to upgrading to 6.6)

So, the Client grid will show no data in the Physical Address columns, because the client records never did have any Physical Address information.

There is no issue. There is no loss of data. Just a misunderstanding of what Address information shows in the Physical Address fields in the Client grid.

  • Joyce