Making each workorder item start on a new page

Received the following email from an AyaNova user, and wanted to share this with other AyaNova users:

We have just started to use Dispatch reports, as we’ve added a new technician, and to help keep our time straight its nice to have a customer sign off on the job. The problem I’m having is with printing dispatches for jobs that have multiple workorder items. Is there any way I can print a dispatch report for just ONE particular item on a workorder? What is happening is say we don’t bill someone for 2-3 weeks but we do several different jobs in that time, they usually go on one workorder. Now every time I want to print a dispatch for just the particular NEW item, the dispatch report is like 6 pages long and includes all the other work items, whether they are status closed or not. I would even be happy if I could FORCE the report to format them nicely at 1 item per page, that way I could tell it just what page to print. I cannot see printing a 6 page dispatch every time a new item is added to existing open work…

Attached is a further customized Dispatch Report template that will print out each workorder item starting on a new page. Do note that your workorder item may span multiple pages depending on the amount of info you have per workorder item, but this way, it always starts on a new page. When previewing the report, you can than print specifying the specific pages you do want to print.

Download and extract the Dispatching Report - Each Item Starts On New Page

-****Import it
-****Open a workorder that has multiple workorder items
-****Open this report template “Dispatching Report - Each Item Starts On New Page” via the report designer (select from the Print menu in the workorder, hold down the SHIFT key, and select this report template)
-****Now you will see that the Visible property for the Detail1 band of the WorkorderHeader has been set to FALSE - [o]you could also delete the fields in this band as will not show, but just showing you here what was done[/i]
-****And that I have recreated the fields that are in the Detail1 band of the WorkorderHeader into the Detail2 band of the WorkorderHeader.WorkorderHeaderWorkorderItem (scripts have been edited for the correct field name, data has been bound etc)
-****Click on the Detail2 band, and see that the property PageBreak has been set to BeforeBand - what this is doing is every time there is a new workorder item in this workorder, it will start on a new page but also include the workorder #, client contact info, scheduleable user notes etc from the workorder header.