Margins in reports

I thought I hade an easy task but it turns out to not be so easy. The Reports are set to print with a 1" margin all around - I need to reduce this to .3. How do I adjust the margins?


Do so via the Margins property for the entire report template (default name is xtraReport1)[list=1] In the report designer, select the Properties tab.
-Select the xtraReport1 from the drop down selection (or this gets automatically selected if you click outside of the designer bands)
-Select the Margins property and expand - you will see that the default is 100 for the Bottom, 100 for the Top etc.
-Edit as needed - for example, set Bottom to 30, Top to 30 etc
-Preview - you will see that the margins have now changed

Properties of the xtraReport1 is also where you can change whether Landscape is True or False, whether you are using Letter or A4 (used for European and Australian etc paper size), etc as well as much more.

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Thank you - Worked like a charm but I have found something more frustrating … In Crystal, you can insert a field such as street address, then next to it put City, Province etc - No matter how big each field is, the others will automatically resize so all the text is displayed.

I like to have the address like:
1234 Anywhere Street
My City, My Province, Postal

But in this version I cannot find out how to do that. Crystal you coul insert a text box and then a field inside the text box but how do you do that here?

Hi again

The AyaNova v3 Manual includes a tutorial in the “Creating Custom Reports” section titled “Merging Multiple Fields To Display in a Single Field”. I do encourage you to go through the AyaNova v3 Manual which is downloadable from

An example of this is in the sample report Sample Detailed Service Workorder with Grand Total in field xrLabel11 (text for this label is combined address physcial) - do go through the tutorial.

Also, check out the topic

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