MBI - Must haves

The MBI has the start of being a useful add-on but needs to provide the tech additional selections while on the road to truly be useful.

Task list: Access to task lists attached to the workorder. Simple yes/no/na options for the tasks assigned to the workorder.

Parts: Access to parts. To make it light-weight, let me define warehouses that are just a “bag” of a small selection of parts that I might have with me to choose from.

Without these features, the MBI is of little use to me since I will have to bring paperwork with me to fill out which I will have toreturn to the office before I can complete the workorder anyway. If I have to do this, I might as well update the hours/notes at the same time.


Thank you for your suggestion, but do note though that the MBI interface is designed for small size screens with pared down pages to save wireless web access fees - as such its features are limited to the following:

  • quickly check their schedule view and Schedule Marks
  • update work orders status and labor
  • view client and vendor details (with phone dial enabled links)
  • read and send memos

MBI is not intended to be a replacement for the much more full featured WBI web browser remote access add-on product which is more appropriate for full fledged PC or netbook based web browsing.

Features such as access to part selection and tasks would be via WBI.

WBI is more appropriate and more usable than ever for remote users due to the proliferation of cheap, tiny netbook style computers around these days - as with WBI the features are able to be provided - see the overview of WBI features on our website in addition to the WBI Online Help