MBI not working but WBI is?

I just installed the MBI program, followed all instructions, copied the config.txt file in etc. When trying to access it throught eh web I get:

The embedded firebird database can not be used with AyaNova MBI MBI requires a database server

Yet … This is running MSSQL and the WBI works fine. Is the error misleading and giving the error because I have not yet received the license from you?

Just received and installed the code but still getting the same error and cannot run MBI?

To speed up the process - Here is my config.txt file …

<?xml version=“1.0” encoding=“utf-8”?>
<!-- Use a shared Microsoft SQL Express 2005 Database -->
<!-- Replace COMPUTERNAME and PASSWORD below with values chosen during installation of SQL Express -->
<DataBaseConnectionString>Server=cpu-office\SQLExpress;initial catalog=AyaNova;User Id=sa; Password=REMOVED;</DataBaseConnectionString>


View the actual text of your config.txt that you copied to the AyaNovaMBI binfolder - confirm that it is for SQL connection.

If you continue to experience an issue, send the following zipped:
-copy of ayalog.txt from your AyaNova folder
-copy of config.txt renamed to MBIconfig.txt from the AyaNovaMBI folder (so that I know which is from where)
-copy of config.txt renamed to AyaNovaconfig.txt from the AyaNova program folder

  • Joyce

Here they are …

My bad … I copied the config.txt file to the right program folder but missed the \BIN at the end so it was not in the right location - Works like a charm now :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help.

Hi again

Please confirm that you copied the config.txt to the C:\Program Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNovaMBI\ bin folder and not to the root

  • Joyce

I misspoke about it being resolved - I get the login screen etc BUT … When I type in NY user and password combination, it goes back to the login screen as if it were rejecting all logins.

Hi again

MBI is for schedulable users. Log in as a schedulable user.

  • Joyce

:smiley: Thank you - I was trying under all the admin accounts only …