Member rights required

What member rights are required for a technician to be able to edit Service Details under labor?

When a technician tries to edit the service details it works fine up until Save & Exit. Then it gives the same error as found here:

They are able to edit within standard Ayanova, and a dispatching group or administratoris able to properly edit via the WBI.

Hello Chris

The topic Error-When-Saving-Work-Order-With-Parts identified that the user was not selecting the checkmark to “accept” the entry before selecting Save & Exit. This is identified in the WBI Manual as required.

Refer to the WBI Help file topics Adding New Records in a SubGrid and Editing Existing Records in a SubGrid for information on adding new labor, parts, scheduled users, etc , deleting , editing saving any edits

As that forum topic identfiied, it does not have anything to do with security group rights or access rights. If you are getting the same error, double-check your steps that you are selecting the checkmark to “accept” the new labor record entry in the workorder entry screen before selecting Save & Exit.

  • Joyce

Yes, I absolutely have checked and made sure the check is being selected. It then displays with the new information in theService Details on WBI.Yet then upon save or save and exit it kicks the error and does not actually save the information.

It must have to do something with security groups. As I can change the permissions to something much higher (dispatching) and it works properly.

Hello again Chris

What was the security group setting for this users following objects at the time of the issue occurring? And what did you change each of those to afterwards that it now works?

List each before and after:


  • Joyce

It’s read/write on all those for both. I’ve even tried doing R/W/D on all the ones you listed with no change. So there’s still something different between my technician group and dispatching group that’s causing the problem.

Ok,I finally found the one that makes the difference.

WorkorderService.CloseByDate needs to be Read/Write

This needs to be fixed, we don’t want technicians to be able to change that date, it should not be required as Read/Write for putting in labor.



Good troubleshooting Chrison narrowing down the issue- I have noted this issue on it will be addressed in the next maintenance update. Guess-timate release will be in the next two weeks if not sooner. All licensed AyaNova users will be notified of the update via email, as well it will be posted in the forum section it is released.

  • Joyce

This issue has now been resolved in WBI Refer to the forum section steps to update your AyaNova and WBI

  • Joyce