Message attempting to start AyaNova after importing

If you receive the message identified below when you attempt to start AyaNova after performing an import using CEImport (or ToMSSQL.exe), this is because you have used a 3.2 utility, but your main AyaNova program files are still version 3.1.7 or lower.

You need to perform the upgrade to AyaNova v3.2 as per

[i]AyaNova was unable to start

Depending on how early in startup the problem occurred,
a detailed log of the problem with suggestions may have
been saved to the file AyaLog.txt
located at: [/i][file:\C:\Program](file:///C:/Program)[i] Files\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova 3

Error details:
Unhandled exception:

This program requires database version 5
The current database is version 9