Meter Read Based Preventive Maintenance Schedule

Is there a way to use the meter reads to schedule preventive maintenance?

Preventive Maintenance in AyaNova utilizes time only - combination of the Next Service Date, Generate Time Span and Threshold Time Span.

As per forum topic Time-and-or-meter-schedule-PM too, I am not sure how AyaNova would “know” when to generate a workorder from a PM because its my understanding of meter-base is that you do service when the meter number gets to a certain amount - correct?
But you already know what the meter number is because you or someone has to document that number.
So my solution would be to create a PM to automatically schedule yourself to go check the meter every three months (which you can do in AyaNova with its PM feature), and when onsite, if the meter is at a certain number than you perform the service needed.
I invite you to post a suggestion in that linked Wish List forum post above with your suggestions on how a meter based PM would work that development may be able to implement in a future version of AyaNova. That would be great!

  • Joyce