Meter Readings in AyaNova

Meter Reading maintains a history of readings.

Meter readings identify the following data:

  • date & time the meter reading was entered (not editable as takes it from the computer)
    -date it was actually read (editable by the user as for example, a schedulable user may have taken the reading yesterday but not have gotten around to entering the service details till today)
  • who entered it (not editable as takes it from the user who is logged into AyaNova and entering this information)
  • if associated with a workorder and that workorder number (if entered via a workorder instead of via the Unit entry screen which is useful if you want to also know the service performed when that meter reading was taken)
  • additional field for description or notes

AyaNova users could use this history to bill out as needed - for example, if you bill out based on the difference between the reading from last month and this month, you can refer to this to determine the amount to be billed.

AyaNova users could also use this for determining when a unit requires service - for example, some printers require an overhaul at a certain number of pages printed.

Meter Readings can be entered either via a workorder (and the workorder # will automatically be associated with the meter reading) or meter readings entered directly from the Unit entry screen.

If a meter reading is missed, you could enter in a meter reading with the date that the meter reading should have been taken, and enter in the average of the meter readings between the two that were actual.

As AyaNova includes the ability to internally create custom reports, you could create a custom report identifying the client and requesting a reading if you have your clients send you this information, which you could than enter manually as well as from via a workorder. You could attach this report to an email or fax as needed.

Additional details on Meter Readings can be found in your AyaNova Help Units section