Microsoft Accounting Professional 2007 integration with AyaNova?


it’s been a while since I posted on this forum. Can we expect development of an interface for MS Accounting Professional 2007?

Regards, Mardie

Hi Mardie

We will continue to review suggestions in the Wish List section of this forum for great ideas to add for future versions. We are not presently working on a MS Accounting 2007 interface, but appreciate the suggestion which we will look into in the future. Thank you

  • Joyce

Hi all,

I wanted to follow-up Mardie’s post as we have the intention to integrate Microsoft Office Accounting 2007 in our company. Thus we will need an interface to exchange data between Ayanova and MS Office Accounting 2007.

FYI: i think the use Office Accounting will grow since the price ($149,-) is far less than QB and PT. (and i’m not making an effort or intend to promote MS products.)

I hope to see an OA interface when Ayanova 4.x is ready.

bye all!


One of the things a developer must take into consideration even before starting software development is the costs of development compared to the amount of potential return.

As we would be looking at serious investment of time and money on our part, as well as shuffling existing development projects, before we would proceed with developing an Microsoft Accounting interface, we need to determine if we will at minimum break even. To do that, we need to get an idea of how many potential Microsoft Accounting interface purchases would be made, and at what license price. Believe me, we do not set our licenseprices based on what the market will bear, but on what the minimum it takes to break even with a bit of profit to pay bills so that we continue another 10 years in business, and another 10 years after that and so on

We are wanting to get a feel for how many existing AyaNova users, as well ashow many people that have not yet purchased AyaNova licenses, would be interested in an Microsoft Accounting Professional 2007 interface.

Post a reply to this thread - identify the following:

  • if interested in MS Accounting Professional 2007 interface
    -and if you presently are licensed for the latest AyaNovaversion or would be interested in purchasing AyaNovalicenses if had this interface

Thank you

  • Joyce
  • we’re very interested in the MS Accounting Professional 2007 interface

  • we already have 5+ licenses for AyaNova v3.x

Thank you for considering my post.

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  • we arevery interested in the MS Accounting Professional 2007 interface

  • we already licenses for AyaNova v3.6


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