Model Number not in dispatch report


Firstly, thanks for your very prompt reply on the warranty field.

I observed that only the model name and serial numbers are printing on the dispatch report.

I have tried to use the report designer but I cannot find the field for the model number.

How do I go about this. - I observed likewise that in the workorder items, in the item list, it also lists the same, just the model name and serial number, but when you click on the item button, everything is displayed.

We badly need to see the model number also on the dispatch sheet.

How do we go about this.

Again thank you for your prompt replies.

Hi again

Have determined that in Global Settings the English locale has this set to show “model number” when it should be localized to display as “model name”

We have added to our feature list to add more display formats for units that will include the model Number as well as the model Name.

At this time, only the model name can be selected to display in workorder reports. It might be suggested to include the number in the model name so that it will display on reports.

  • Joyce

Just a heads up regarding this post,AyaNova 4 now includes the two additional Unit Display Format “Model Number, Model Name, Serial Number” and “Model Name, Model Number, Serial Number” that you can set via Global Settings in additoin to the other unit display format settings you can select.

When you set the Unit Display Format in Global Settings, this determines how “serial number” displays via the AyaNova program as well as via your reports - as it now can include the Model Number as well serial number, model name, etc

  • Joyce