More WBI functions for customer/clients

Finally got our WBI up and running a couple of months ago and I was surprised to find that a customer can’t lookup/view his list of machines, his PMs, or even attached docs. If I was a customer, I would like to view any and all info/forms/records that pertain to my account. Since we take advantage of attaching pdf’s of completed service reports in the customer/client module it would be nice to have the WBI serve out that file to customer.


Just updating this Wish List request - a client will now have the ability to view the Wiki attached to the service workorder, as well as see the units serviced in that workorder the grid (as well as always have been able to via the report viewable too).

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A client can also easily do a filter on any column in either the CSR grid or the workorder grid, entering in the unit’s serial number and setting the filter to Contains to display all workorders where that unit was selected.

See also for example of filtering via the Client’s WBI 7