Move workorders from one client to another

We have this situation in our AyaNova database in which some clients have duplicates and their workorders need to be merged into a single client. For example:
Client “Jeffrey” has two workorders: 150 and 151
Another different Client named also “Jeffrey” has some additional workorders: 200 and 201

We would like to obtain only one client "Jeffrey" having all the above workorders associated with him: 150, 151 and also 200 and 201.

Is there an easy, automated way of achieving this?


Yes, the Client Merger utility can be used to merge records of two existing clients together - transfer workorders, quotes, etc from one client to another.
I will point you towards for details and how to use.
As outlined, the client you want all records moved TO would be selected under TO:

  • Joyce

Thank you for your quick answer. We tested the Merger tool and it works neatly. :slight_smile: