Moving an entry screen if it has been moved off your monitor

In the event you accidently move an entry screen “off” where you can’t reach it to drag it back, I’ve listed below steps to do so using keyboard commands.

For example:

Let’s say whenever you click New… to open a new part entry screen, or click on a Part jump button to open that part’s entry screen, nothing appears on your monitor except the grid you were previously looking at, and when you click anywhere nothing appears to happen.

If you CTRL-ALT-DELETE to bring up Task Manager, it shows that AyaNova is still running, but you are not able to access anything.

What this means is that the entry screen has somehow been dragged off your monitor and you need to bring it back.

Log into AyaNova as the username experiencing this issue
Move to the grid where you experience this issue - for example, if it happens attempting to open a Part entry screen, iIn the Parts grid, select a part to open
Immediately select on your keyboard the ALT key and than the SPACEBAR key (holding down the ALT key and than press the SPACEBAR)
This will bring up the menu option for moving, resizing the part entry screen
You can let go of the ALT and SPACEBAR now
Select the letter m key on your keyboard to select Move
Your mouse changes to a four arrowed cursor - hold the cursor down and drag to the center of your screen and let go OR even easier, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Try tapping LEFT arrow or DOWN or UP or RIGHT, you may have to press one of these numerous times before you start seeing the window move into your screen.
The part entry screen will now show.
Close the part entry screen, and exit out of AyaNova. This will save this and all other views for that username.