Moving an older stand-alone or network Firebird database to 64bit

Issue that has occurred to one other user only with stand-alone configurationbut wanted to post it here in the event it occurs to any others, so have a ready solution:

Database that was originallyversion 3 stand-alone or Firebird Server database (has since been updated to latest version) moved to 64bit computer: On first run, get the following error:

AyaNova was unable to start

Depending on how early in startup the problem occurred,
a detailed log of the problem with suggestions may have
been saved to the file AyaLog.txt
located at: file:\C:\Program Files (x86)\Ground Zero Tech-Works Inc\AyaNova

Error details:
Unhandled Exception:
Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.
Inner exception: No message for error code 335544323 found.

If your AyaNova configuration is for stand-alone use (single computer) do the following:

  1. Zip up your AYANOVA.FDB database file using WinZip

(ON a Windows XP or 2003 computer, this is in the C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\AyaNovaData folder or if a Vista or Windows 7 computer this is in the C:\ProgramData\AyaNovaData folder)

  1. Attach to an email to

  2. Include the error message you receive in your email (so we know why you are sending the database)

  3. Include your AyaNova Administrator username and password

  4. We will re-index your database and send it back to you

  5. You will delete your existing AYANOVA.FDB and extract the AYANOVA.FDB sent back to you and complete the update steps

If your AyaNova configuration is for network Firebird do the following:

  1. Perform a backup of your networked Firebird AyaNova database as per the Backup steps for network Firebird

  2. Now restore your database as per Situation #1 of

  3. Run AyaNova