Moving Ayanova to Server from single computer.

We are moving the program from my laptop to a server, any tips?


Yes Thad! Please refer to the forum topic What-to-do-if-you-lose-your-AyaNova-database-or-want-to-move-your-database-to-a-new-server

Any questions, please provide details about your notebook and about the server (OS, 32bit or 64bit), AyaNova version (full numbers needed), what configuration of AyaNova was on laptop (stand-alone or networked), if networked what exact database server and version (i.e. Firebird Server 2.1.1 or SQL Express 2008 R2 or ??), and attach copy of your ayalog.txt file from your AyaNova program folder from your laptop (information about your computer and AyaNova is in the log file, so you may want to send all via direct email)

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HI Joyce,

We were able to get it setup and running with one exception, it is having problems with a maintaining a good connection. I get the following error
“Unable to complete network request to host “”.”. I have checked the IP address of the server and it is as shown. The IP address in my config.txt is also the same. Sometimes I need to restart the server and other times it clears itself. This happens with both a wireless or LAN connection. Any suggestions? Thanks


Hi Thad

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue. Unfortunately this doesn’t give enough information to be able to speifically provide a solution.
Do provide all specifics of what has been done to this point including details about the computer that is the server and computer(s) that are workstations connecting to your AyaNova database so we have full context and we together can troubleshoot from there:

  1. What specific database server networking steps did you follow? For Firebird Server, for SQL Express or SQL Server?
  2. What is the specific version of database server you used (i.e. SQL Express 2008 R2 or ?)
  3. Provide specific details about each step performed as well copies of any files referred to or edited, confirmation of steps, actual locations, actual details etc (do not just provide “Yes, I did this step” as that does not give actual details):

For example, if you were following the AyaNova Firebird Server steps provide confirmation of all steps performed that have been fully completed, along with their details:

What is the “server”'s OS, 32bit or 64bit?

Step #1 what firewall is in use (if not Windows Firewall that comes with, do identify the exact program and version of firewall in use) and confirmation (where, what, how, etc) this is enabled for Firebird

Step #2 what is the ip address of this “server”, and details of the steps outlined to do.
Confirm this is a static ip address on this server.
Also include what is this server’s computer name

Step #3 provide confirmation installed on this server, where to, how you successfully logged in, what is the exact version of AyaNova installed (always four numbers plus possibly hotfix number)

step #4 provide confirmation of the actual folder which database file moved to, (and of course this MUST equate to the location you entered in your aliases.conf file in the next steps)

step #5 provide the requested actual file aliases.conf file that you edited.
What did you change the SYSDBA password to?
Also confirm if this computer has antivirus / security software running, and if so, what specific program(s) and version.
And confirm that the AyaNova database file as specified in your aliases.conf is set to not be scanned and how you set this up and confirmed.

step #6 provide copy of this computer’s ayalog.txt and config.txt file renamed NEWSERVERayalog.txt and NEWSERVERconfig.txt after completely step 6
What you edited your config.txt to should equate to the information you provided too
Have you also run AyaNova on the server? how long for? Does it maintain a connection always?

step #7
How many workstations have been set up following this step?
Identify OS, 32bit or 64bit, computer name, and whether this issue is occurring with this workstation or not.
Provide copy of ayalog.txt and config.txt file from each workstation, renamed with the name of the computer i.e. COMPUTERNAMEayalog.txt and COMPUTERNAMEconfig.txt so can match up which to which.

How often exactly does it occur doing what specifically? i.e. reboot server, immediately log into AyaNova on server once up, connection lost 4 minutes and 32 seconds later after logging in and just under 5 minutes after server rebooted and loaded. i.e. log in on workstation, 65 seconds later connection error. Log in on workstation again, connection lost 63 seconds later. Log in on workstation, connection lost 67 seconds later. (providing actual times for multiple examples gives great context to troubleshoot with)
Does loss of connection occur on every workstation, or just a specific workstation and not for other workstations? (this information would be used to troubleshoot whether the issue was to do with a specific workstation or not)
What else AyaNova related has been set up on which computers? i.e. AyaNova network generator, etc?

Once we get the above then together we can troubleshoot from there

If you would prefer not to provide private information on the forum, do send all requested information via direct email to referencing the URL of this forum post.

  • Joyce