moving ayanova


i am moving ayanova to my server and would like to know if i need a different key or can i use the same one?


Once you enter your license activation keycode into AyaNova it is maintained in the AyaNova database along with your data. So if you are moving the AyaNova database to your server, there is never a need to re-apply the keycode because the key is already within that AyaNova database.

I could not tell from your question if the AyaNova database was previously setup for network configuration or not - if you were previously running the default installation which is stand-alone mode- do make sure to refer to the AyaNova v3 Manual section “Additional Installation & COnfiguration” which provides steps for setting up AyaNova for use in a network environment using either the network Firebird database server, the SQL Express database server or the SQL Server.

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so i can just move the version i have but i do need to update to the newest version? it is set up for network and data portal.

what iles do i move in order to get it on my server, ie a different computer i know that i need to change the address in the config.exe files to point to the new computer what els do i need?


sorry - somehow everything I just wrote got overwritten - I’m typing it out again

If you have not yet performed the update to the latest version, perform the update with the database where it is before moving to the new server

Once the AyaNova update has been confirmed successful, then perform the move to the new server. Trying to run the update at the same time as moving the database can possible introducecomplications.

You did not state in your reply what type of network configuration you are using - network Firebird, SQL Express or SQL Server?

If using network Firebird server, you would shut down the Firebird Manager on the old server, move the AYANOVA.FDB to the location on the new server, and then follow the steps in the AyaNova v3 Manual to configure the network Firebird database server on the new server. As outlined in the AyaNova v3 Manual, you never move or copy an AyaNova database file while the Firebird Manager is running. Don’t forget to edit the snapshot batch file for the new server as well so that you get a backup of the snapshot of the database file as per the information in the AyaNova v3 Manual on backup and recovery.

If using SQL Express or SQL Server, you will need to set up the SL Express or SQL Server on the new server first. Then create a backup of the AyaNova SQL database, then you can restore from backup onto the new server using that backup file. With SQL Express and SQL Server, you can not just copy the database and log files.

Do not forget that all config files would need to be edited to point to the new server where the database moved to.

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