Moving software to another computer

I have started using AyaNova v3 and am integrating with quickbooks. I have hired a new employee and would like to move the software to her computer.Do I need a new key, etc. to download on her computer for either v3 or the qbooks integration? Please provide instructions.



Your keycode licenses one database. As you have already applied the keycode to your database, you would either move the AyaNova database(as you can only have one AyaNova database), or configure the AyaNova database for network use, so that multiple users (yourself and your new employee) can access the same AyaNova database at the same time.

Refer to the information on the AyaNova Database configuration web page a quick overview of the three possible configurations.

If your computers are on a network, configure the AyaNova database for network use, either the network Firebird configuration or the SQL configuration. Detailed instructions can be found in the AyaNova v3 Manual technical section “Additional Installation & Configuration” starting on page 538

Download the AyaNova v3 Manual from

The instructions provide the step by step process to setting up one computer as the “server” where the AyaNova database resides, and than any networked computers would access the shared computer on the server.

Once your new employee’s computer has been setup to access the network AyaNova database, than follow the instructions in the QBI v3 Manualto configure your new employee’s computer to use QBI.

Do review the steps outlined in the documentation. If you have any questions about a step, do let me know.

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How do you move AyaNova from a networked computer to a personal computer? I am going to be the only person using the software now and would like it on my personal computer. Is there some documentation that show how to do this? Thanks

Set up the personal computer using the same AyaNova configuration as was on your server.
Only if your AyaNova was networked using Firebird Server 2.1.1 it may be possible to revert back to non-networked. Specific steps how to depend on the details (do see below on what to provide).
Otherwise if your AyaNova is presently networked with SQL Express or SQL Server would you also need to network on the single personal computer too.

To move your AyaNova database to a different computer you would follow the steps outlined on forum topic What-to-do-if-you-lose-your-AyaNova-database-or-want-to-move-your-database-to-a-new-server for the configuration your AyaNova is at right now, based on what version your AyaNova is right now, and specifics based on the OS and 32bit or 64bit of the original server and OS and 32 or 64bit for the new comptuer wanting to move to.

If you have specific questions, do provide the following:
What version is your AyaNova right now? (include the full version numbers and hotfix)
What is your present networked configuration of AyaNova, using what specific database server AND what version?
What is the OS, 32bit or 64bit of the present server?
What is the OS, 32bit or 64bit of the computer wanting to move to?

Our regular days of support are Monday through Friday, but I’ll try to check back by Sunday for your details if you have specific questions.

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