Moving to new SQL Server

I am setting up a new SQL server for my company. Currently Ayanova resides on an existing SQL 2000 server. I copied the database from the old server to the new server and using SQL Server manager I attached the existing Ayanova database. I then created the SQL user account that I had used on the old server to access the database and made sure the account settings and permissions were the same on the new server. Finally, I edited the ayanova.exe.config file to have the servername for the new SQL server. The username and password in the file shouldn’t need to change since they are the same on the new server.

When I start Ayanova, I get the debug error window and the message says “Login failed for user ‘ayanova’. Reason: Not associated with a trusted SQL Server connection.”

What is required to move the Ayanova database from one server to another and make it work?


I figured it out. It was a permissions problem with the SQL server. Since it was a new install I hadn’t looked at the full SQL setup and just the database setup. Everything is working fine now.

Good to hear, and thank you for posting your solution on the forum too, so that it is avaialble for other AyaNova users that may encounter this.

  • Joyce