Multiple currency

Operation in a european service network I need to use different currency’s for parts depending on the country where the service is provides. Can the software be configured to do so?


What currency symbol is used in AyaNova is dependant on the currency symbol set in your Windows Regional settings.

So for example, if your Regional settings on your Windows is set to use the $ symbol, in the Parts sub-section of a workorder, price will be displayed using $. But if instead your Windows is set to use the £ (the English pound sign), than in the Parts sub=section of a workorder, price will be displayed using £

Edit your Regional Settings from the Control Panel.

  • Joyce

Thanks for your prompt reply Joyce.

The price in Ayanova for parts can be set-up in one currency for example 200USD. From your reply I understood that if my regional setting is UK this would mean 200£ (correct?) In France is would be 200€. Today our price list for parts is listed in USD, Euro, GBP (for example 200USD, 155 Euro, 105GBP). Can this be done?



Hi again Marcel

I see now what you are asking - no, there is one field for Price in the part entry screen; and one field for Price in the Part sub-section in the workorder (which takes its default price from the part entry screen but can be edited as needed). You could add custom fields to the part entry screen for additional fields for other prices, but they would not be displayable from the workorder screen as only what is in the Price field comes thorugh. I apologize for not understanding your intial question.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Sorry to learn about this limitation. If I would createadditional fields in the parts section to list different currency’s is it possible to import/populate these fields from an external file.

Thanksfor your help Joyce.


Hi again Marcel

The free ImportPartCSV utility from the Downloads web page that we provide does not include importing / exporting part custom fields.

But if you have database experience, you can in conjunction with the API documentation your own custom utility to import/export into the parts table so that it maintains database integrity.

Or if you are in a crunch, we could create a custom utility for you to import additonal custom fields into the parts table as development is not to a rigid timetable right now andwould be able to do this- do note there would have to be a custom fee for this - guesstimate would be $500 or more depending on what is needed.

  • Joyce

Thanks for your valid help…