Multiple databases?

Would it be possible to setup user logins which can only view certain items in “Preventive Maintenance” or “Services”. For example, our goal is to haveone facilities manager on site at twoor more different buildings. When they login we do not want them to be able to see the other buildings workorders or PM information. Also, every user for our company would need to be able to see/access workorders for each building. Is there a way to do this in Ayanova?

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Hi Tory

Security in AyaNova is to set the ability for users to access features of AyaNova or not. For example, if you set up a security group to have read/write/delete access to Preventive Maintenance, than all users of that security group will have read/write/delete access to all preventive maintenance orders.

It is not possible to specify what preventive maintenance orders users of a security group can access

You could purchase licenses for two separate databases, this way users only log into the database that they are allowed to view data from.

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How would two databases run on one server? Could I have certain users/computers see multiple databases?


Hi again Tory

You would set AyaNova 3 upjust as you would using two SQL databases on one SQL Server, or using two Firebird Server databases on one server.

A basic overview:

-purchase licenses for each AyaNova database as each database must have its own licenses - see also the FAQ & Answers web page
-network configure first database
-make copy of the original databasewith different name/locations
-purchase licenses for first database and apply to firstdatabase
-purchase licenses for second database and apply keycode to second database
-for those users that would need access to both databases, you set up two AyaNova program folders each with its own AyaNova.exe.config pointing to a different database - otherwise for those that would only connect to one database,the user is setup with the config file that points to the specific database they require

Precise steps depend on:

-what database server will be in use - SQL Express or SQL or Firebird,
-what computers will be connecting to only one of the databases
-what computers will be connecting to both databases
-what optional add-ons (DataPortal, WBI, QBI, etc) are to be used with what database.

  • And through this all, as you are creating databases and moving them around etc, you need to ensure no one is accessing the database(s) while you initially set them up just as the instructions are when initially setting up one database.

If you want to post details on the above, I can provide specific instructions for your situation.

[DO NOTE: with AyaNova 4, confiugration is different due to simplified setup - refer to]

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