Multiple occurrances of same records in head-offices after upgrade

After update from v3 to v4 our head offices grid is showing multiple occurrances of the same record. This has happened for quite a number but not all of the H/O’s however when we try to delete the exta records we get an error as there is data that is related and dependant on the head office record.

Pleas help… It may be faulty indexes or similar … any ideas ???


To confirm what you are saying: Before the upgrade, in your AyaNova 3, there was no duplicates of Head Offices, but now there is - correct?

What configuration of AyaNova were you usingt with AyaNova 3 and that you are using with AyaNova 4.1.5 - stand-alone default or network Firebird Server or SQL Express or SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005?

What was the exact full version of AyaNova before you upgraded - Were you using AyaNova before upgrading to AyaNova 4.1.5?

When you first ran AyaNova 4 on your database, did you confirm that no other AyaNova program such as network Generator, dataportal, etc was running?

I would recommend that if your database was to make sure all AyaNova programs are shut down, than restore your AyaNova 3 database again, and than on the server run AyaNova and let it update to AyaNova 4.

If you continue to experience an issue, please send directly to the following:

copy of your AyaNova 3 database file backup - zipped using WinZip
The exact full version of AyaNova 3 before you upgraded to 4.1.5 (i.e., or etc)
What configuration was your AyaNova 3 - standalone, network Firebird Server, SQL Express, SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005
Is this the same configuration of your AyaNova 4
zipped copy of your ayalog.txt from the AyaNova 4 program folder
If possible, zipped copy of your ayalog.txt file from your AyaNova 3 program folder.
AyaNova Administrator username and password
Do let me know if restoring from backup and repeating the upgrade steps fixes this, as well as answers to the info above, or if redoing that does not work, that you will be sending the information and database requested.

  • Joyce

Hi again

We have not received a copy of the database and the details via direct email - did restoring from backup and redoing the upgrade again resolve this issue that you experience? Do let me know either way, and if not resolved, do send the requested information so that we can help troubleshoot why this is occurring.

  • Joyce

Hi Joyce,

Sorry we did not see the reply come in for sometime, been very busy.

We will zip up the data and email you the appropriate information asap.

Regards Tracy

Hi again Tracy, have not yet received? Do let me know.

Also, do note that you can subscribe to your post so that you are notified when a reply is made.

  • Joyce

Unfortunately, still have never received additional information on this topic to be able to help point the user in the right direction. As it has been some time since they initially posted, more than likelyit was is a case of the user mis-reading a grid and as there is no issue, there was no posting back.

If anyone else experiences a similar issue, please do always send requested information right away so that the issue can be resolved right away.

  • Joyce