Multiple task groups

Hello Joyce,

As brand new license holders, Vermont Computing would like to thank you and all the good folks at your end for a really great product and super customer support.:slight_smile:

Now that I’ve earned major brownie points, I’d like to pester you about Task Groups and Tasks. At our shop, we go through a check-in procedure on customer’s systems coming in for repair. Once the PC has been repaired, it goes through a check-out procedure.

I’ve created Task Groups for both procedures, but I find that “Check out” simply adds itself to the end of the “Check In” list. Is there a way to keep the two groups separate from one another and to have a “header” of some sort to identify which is what?

Hi again - major brownie points :wink:

As you have seen you can add as many tasks from mulitple Task Groups within the same Tasks record for a single workorder item

If you require the tasks from each task group to be separate, I would suggest the following:

  • when the PC comes in, make a workorder item for in within the workroder, selecting the “Check-In” in the Tasks

  • when the PC is ready to go out, create a second workorder item in the same workorder, and add the “Check-Out” tasks to the second workorder item.

  • Joyce

Great idea!

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