Multiple users editing a workorder at the same time

AyaNova is fully networkable in that multiple users can access and view the same data at the same time.

But if multiple users attempt to save changes tothe same record at the same time, whichever user saves the record first is able to.

This is not an issue in the AyaNova program. This is the way the program has been designed to allow for minimal overhead when viewing and saving data.

For example:

When user #A opens a workorder they are opening a copy of every object associated with that workorder record (i.e. last modified time, items, labor, parts etc)

When user #B opens the same workorder, they also get a copy of everything that is in the database for that workorder record.

This allows both users to open and view the same workorder record.

If user #A than edits the workorder and saves, the actual workorder records’s last modified time is updated and all data for the workorder record refreshed as a whole (much faster than identifying and saving individual fields)

If user #B still has the workorder record opened from when he initially opened it, but now edits and goes to save, the last modified time of the actual workorder record in the database is checked to see if it’s the same as the one that is in the local copy from when the workorder record was first retrieved

As the last modified time of the actual workorder record is now different because User #A has saved the workorder record, User #B will receive a message that the record has been modified, and that they must close without saving, re-open, and than they can edit.

It is recommended to use the Save menu option frequently when editing records.

When using networked software where multiple users will be editing the same workorder record, users should be saving often if they need to have a workorder open for a long period, and are entering in data when there is a possibility of other users needing to edit the same workorder.

For example:

User #A opens the workorder. If they haven’t edited right away - they should select the Save option on the menu just before they do want to edit. This way they are ensured they are starting with the actual last modified time of the record. If another user hassavededits to the same record,User #A will recieve the message, and know they need to reload the workorder record before editing.

As users are editing they should save every minute or so conscious that at any point their save could fail if someone else saves before they do. This will ensure that people either won’t lose any time at all, or if they do it’s only a a minute or so at most

It is recommended to use the Save menu option frequently when editing records.