Need help creating a custom filter

Hi Joyce,

I have created a custom-filter filteringthe ‘Client’ heading and I have set4 criteria conditions toonly include 4 clients.Instead of displaying the filtered data the gridcomes up empty.

Here is my setup:

Service Navigation Pane>Service Workorders

Column 1 - Client - Custom Filter

Column 2 - Work Order Status - Filtered by ‘Ready for Invoicing’

Client Custom Filter - ‘And Conditions’

4 Items used for Criteria -

  1. Operator = Contains, Operand = Airline Company (HQ)

  2. Operator = Contains, Operand = Atlanta Branch

  3. Operator = Contains, Operand = MemphisBranch

  4. Operator = Contains, Operand = Dave Smith

If I use the only a single’Operator’ with any of theseOperandsthecorrect data displays in the grid.

Ihave also tried using’* Like’ for the Operator. Again, thisworksfine usinga single Operatorbut as soon as I add another Operator the grid is devoid of data.

What I am trying to do is display in the grid is alistof ‘Ready for Invoicing’ for a company (HQ), all of HQ’sbranches, andthe company’s 'Key’employees that HQ pays us to performtheir servicework.

I am probably going about this all wrong so you know of an easierway to get this info please let me know.



Hi Bob

When using multiple operands where you want to display a specific operand or another operand or another - use the Or Conditions

And use the = Equal to Operator as this identifies exactly what specific client you want

So in essense, what you are doing is giving a query that says “if client is specifically Airline Company (HQ) or specifically Atlanta Branch or specificallyMemphis Branch or specifically Dave Smith - than display them”

For example:

  • Joyce

Works like a charm.

Thank you!