Need help creating a Labor template using Labor Account Number only

Hi Joyce,

Background: We have a customer we are going to be manually invoicing each month. They want two separate invoices; one for all parts, the other for all labor.

We created one summarized report template listing all parts sold by part number along with the total quantities sold. This will work out fine for the accounting department. They will just go down the parts list entering the part number and totals for eachpart number.

They alsoneed a list like this for labor; labor account number and totals. Maybe I am overlooking something but I am unable to find where to select just the account number for Rates in any of the Service Workorder grids.

Does the account number exist for selection in a grid and if so in which grid do I find it? If itdonā€™t exist do you have a feasible workaround?


Hi Bob

The Rate Account Number is not a selectable datafield in a report from any of the Service Workorder grids. We do have it on our list to add it into a future release.

At this time, a suggestion may be to include the account number in the rate name fielditself so that your accounting team can see the account number associated with the rate name.

  • Joyce

Just wanted to post here a reminder about the new feature of AyaNova 6.5 and higher of using API Methods to include additional data in reports - include data that is not available from the datasets in the Field List.

Check out the examples in the API section of this forum