Need help with deleting item from purchase order

When adding a new po, I somehow ordered a quantity of 2 instead of 1; however when I received the item in it would not let me get rid of the extra. The po show as fully fulfilled but I can’t close the work order because AyaNova still thinks the I have a part on order. I can’t receive it because the po is showing as fully fulfilled. I ended up creating a duplicate work order so I could close it out and bill the client; however, I can’t get rid of this work order since it thinks a part is still on order. Also under parts on order on the work order the part number has changed from what I put in originally to a bunch of numbers and letters making me think this record is corrupt.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, happy to help

To start, please provide your AyaNova full version number (I.e. 9)

And attach copy of your ayalog.textfrom your AyaNova program folder. If concerned about privacy, please send via email to and reference this forum post please


Unfortunately after repeated direct email requests, this company has not provided the requested details so that together we could figure out what happened and why and how to resolve as well as how to prevent or fix if its something in AyaNova itself.