Network Event Generator

Event Generator is not runnig on a consistent basis . sometimes it wont run for a week until i go and check on it. then i have to reset all PM’s so they can run the next time .

what is the issue ? I know this is not allot of info to go on. does the event gen. have a log file that show why ?


If the Event Generator stops due to an error, the error will be displaying unless someone closes the error.

Do I assume correctly there is no error message when you check the Event Generator?

And no error message when you restart the Generator?

If Event Generator itself is not showing an error when you check nor shows an error when you restart Generator, a suggestion to narrow down what is the issue is to check your server logs around the time the program was stopped for possible information and errors:
-Right-click on My Computer, select Manage
-This opens the Computer Management window
-Open Event Viewer
-Check the Application logs
-Check the Security logs
-Check the System logs

  • Joyce