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Ok, I have experience with creating a simple network on Windows 7 for a different software. The way I did that, was to create a home group, and on the main computer I right clicked on the folder of that particular software, and selected Share -> Other computers in the home group. And I did a few things with the other software and everything worked. I know the Ayanova says to set it up with a Firebird Server stuff (which I know nothing about). I hired an IT person that specialized in networking. She reconfigured my network to make it work properly. I explained to her that what I really paid her to come over here for is to get the Ayanova networked together. I printed out the help section of creating the network and I kept trying to show it to her, but she didn’t want to look at it and saying she knew a simpler way to do this. But, by the time everything was said and done, she did not set up the ayanova network.

So, since I paid all this money for an IT person to do this, I am reluctant to pay another IT person. Can this be set up the simple way?? Or do I have to pay someone else and set it up the way that Ayanova recommends? And if the answer is I can’t do the simple way, Why?

Much appreciated,

Hello Charlotte

I am sure you know that regardless whether its installing software or servicing a piece of medical equipment or servicing a pool - if you do not follow the manufacturer’s directions, more than likely there will be a problem and something won’t work right.

A “manufacturer” knows their own product the best.

I am very disappointed to hear of your experience with the person you hired, that they ignored what you said to do.

The steps to network AyaNova MUST be followed if you want to be able to simultaneously have multiple computers connect to your AyaNova database .

And you do not have to be a computer genuis to follow them. We don’t expect people to be computer genius, nor are we - what we expect and has been done by thousands of different companies, is follow step by step the instructions.

If you skip an instruction or ignore a step, you will experience problems.

If you encounter a problem with a step - STOP - and provide detailed information about each step taken so far including what the problem is, and send this information to so we can help.

To configure AyaNova on your network using Firebird Server, follow step by step

  • Joyce