New Client

When entering a new WO, Quote or the like and we have a new client that is being used it would be nice for Aya to prompt that it is a new client from the menu and open the new client menu if the user wishes to make a new client.

Hi Fouralarm

Wanted to post in reply that when creating a workorder, quote or PM and the client is not yet entered in your AyaNova, easily and quickly create the new client by using the “jump” button in the client selection window as per

  • Joyce

That feature is very apparent and we use it all of the time. My suggestion relates to this function BUT instead of the program requiring a person to either attempt to enter in the Client… Coming to the conclusion after hitting the check that the Client doesn’t exist. My suggestion that instead of having the error window show telling you no Client exists have Aya open the Client window automatically. Not a big deal just seems that it would speed the entry of new clients.