New feature request - expanded notifications

It would be great if the list of notification items could be expanded. For example, we would really benefit from being able to trigger notifications when a workorder item is set to a particular status. Conditional notifications such as “when an item is set to a particular status and another item field set to a particular value then send an event” would also be great.

At the moment the list of notification events is a bit limiting, at least for what we need.

Hi, please provide for development specific notification subscriptions you would like, what precise fields referring to and be sure to include the benefit and use they would provide. This makes it easier for development to understand the underlying use and put it into code.

For example you might write: “notification of change in Workorder Item Status” - example of use, we regularly use multiple workorder items in one workorder that are completed at different times, and each next workorder item in the workorder onlygets scheduled when the preceding is completed, and this way the service dispatcher can be notified when a workorder item is completed and can nowschedule the next workorder item in the workorder.

  • Joyce


In our specific implementation we use the WorkOrderItemType to represent a person of team that needs to act next to move the workorder along. We typically have 4+ workorder items per workorder and this ability to assign those items to different areas (with teams and users viewing their ‘queue’ of work through views at the item level) is very useful to us, and does not always involve the user being scheduled to perform work at a particular time.

At present the notification system does not allow us to trigger notices to a team or person based on a change in status of a workorder item - we can only notifiy based on scheduled labour for an item orfor a change in the overall workorder status. What I’m suggesting/requesting is that an additionalnotification event or trigger be added such that when a Workorder Item status changes a notification can be sent. It would particularly useful if in addition to this we could filter those notifications so that when a workorderitem statuswith workorderitemtype field set to a particular value is changed then a notification is trigger. This conditional notification would allow users to subscribe to events involving their team or themselves, rather than having just one global notification whenever any item which happens to have scheduled labour for the logged in user. Our use of the WorkOrderItemType field to assign work is specific to us, but I can imagine that this may be useful for other users of Ayanova who may use that field or other fields in a similar manner.

I hope this is more along the lines of what you needed to know.

Perfect! Thank you

  • Joyce