New Features & Fixes in latest AyaNova 3.x release

Issues addressed in 3.2.1

Addressed issue whereby if saved a second filter with the same exact name as an existing filter, when next go to select it, would result in error “An item with same key has already been added” – fix appends a number to the saved filter name if same as existing

Addressed issue with service work order detailed reports where case sensitive filters on names were intermittently failing to match anything resulting in empty reports when there was data showing in the grid

Edited code to use the “away from zero” method for rounding instead of the default “even rounding”

Addressed issue whereby columns set to not show in main grids would reappear if move between different grids.

Addressed issue where column widths in main grids were not being saved on exit

Addressed issue if using SQL Server that trailing zeros would display within entry screens for numerical fields - i.e Service Rate Quantity field in Labor sub-screen in workorder entry screen

Addressed issue if using SQL Server that quantity numbers would display rounded up in main grids - note this was a display issue only and did not affect reports

Do note that this fix will remove trailing zeros in quantity fields. The total number of digits following the decimal is [FONT=Verdana]not dependant on that directed in your Regional Settings - for example, if you enter in 1.500 as the quantity into the Service Rate Quantity in a Labor item in a workorder, once you save and exit and re-open the workorder, it will revert to displaying as 1.5 (zeros are stripped out).[/FONT]

Addressed issue due to obfuscation where unable to design or view Detailed report templates via the Preventive Maintenance grid or the Preventive Maintenance Items grid

Issues addressed in 3.2.2

Addressed issue where if save filter that is selecting Blanks or NonBlanks on a True / False column (i.e. Closed in Service grid), when you next select it, an error is returned. Now if select Blanks or NonBlanks, these filter conditions are equivalent True = NonBlanks, and False = Blanks

Sort order for Part column in Service navigation grid now sorts by Part Number, instead of internal ID

Manually or autoconverted PM orders or quotes with two or more workorder items now created a service workorder with the same number of workorder items with all items identified

Filtering now able to be performed on Search Database grid. Do note that filter grays out results not meeting the filter settings only – it is not possible with this grid to display only filtered results, nor for reports from this grid to display only filtered results.

New installations of AyaNova will now correctly have the Global Settings pick list for Unit Display Format to show “model name” – was previously incorrectly localized to display as “model number”. We will be adding more display formats for units including to display model number in future release

Addressed issue whereby if you scrolled on right-side of main grid, the first column’s data would not display as a “shortcut popup” while scrolling unless you moved the column for that session. Now “scroll tip field” is correctly set for every session.

Filters now able to be set in Purchase Orders grid, saved and selected in future sessions.

Addressed issue where you were able to move a closed or service completed workorder item in the Schedule screen. Now results in popup message stating unable to as workorder is read-only.

Addressed issue where intermittently unable to save a Part Adjustment entry

Addressed issue where Part Adjustment grid was not automatically refreshing when new part adjustment entry was made.

Issues addressed in AyaNova 3.2.3

Addressed issue whereby the Unit Model selection drop down list in the Unit entry screen would take a while to display due to an issue with combo control sorting that has been addressed.

Addressed a number of filtering issues including selecting a saved filter where the filter was selection of [Blanks] or [NonBlanks]

Addressed known issue in where by selecting [Clear all user’s form customizations] did not revert that users grid settings to use the AyaNova Administrator’s grid settings. It now does.

Now if create a Loans record in a service workorder without selecting a Loan Item, AyaNova will advise you of this before you can save.

QBI v3.2.3.0 new features and issue addressed

Now accounts for discounts in parts - When invoiced now properly takes into account the discount. Separately on the price mismatch warning screen it also shows why the price doesn’t match (i.e. “Price XX.XX discounted XX% on workorder”).

Now accounts for banked service - Appears on invoice as normal but at zero dollar rate.

Can now change preference of QuickBooks template via Tools -> Preferences – previously, once selected, could not change.

Issues addressed in AyaNova 3.2.4

Addressed issue where Cost column in the Parts grid in the Service navigation pane was not displaying or obtaining the part cost for the part in that record row. Schema update will run when AyaNova Administration first logs in that will copy the part table cost into each workorder item part record to catch up the existing data.

Addressed issue whereby indexed address information was not returned in Search Database screen.

Addressed issue where new tasks items created and added to a new Task Group would display their ID numbers when first added to a workorder

Contacts grid layout now saved on user log out in Client entry screen, Head Office entry screen and Vendor entry screen.

Addressed issue whereby the Description field in the Expenses sub-screen in workorder item incorrectly viewed as able to enter more than 255 characters resulting in an error when attempting to save as database only allows 255 characters for this field

Addressed issue in Project entry screen where data entered into the Account Number field was not being saved

Filtering issue addressed in Purchase Orders grid if attempted to view a saved filter set on the PO Status field that resulted in no data displaying.

Filtering issue addressed where is set filter on a column; any other columns list of selectable objects would no longer display.

Issues Addressed in v3.2.5

  •     Security Issues

o Added new security group object Object.Workorder.Close whereby you can set whether a group has the right to edit the Closed checkbox in a service workorder or not. Note Forbidden / Read Only will set the Closed checkbox to grayed out, whereas Read/Write or Read/Write/Delete allows access.
o Added code to provide better display message if user not part of security group with rights to Object.Workorder, Object.WorkorderItem, etc.

  •     Generator Issue

o Addressed issue whereby Generator would not auto-generate Preventive Maintenance orders that had an empty Stop Generating Date

  •     Filtering Issues Addressed

o Fixed issue whereby now if select a saved filter in the Scheduled Users grid in Service navigation pane that had a filter based on the User, records now display correctly.
o New version of Infragistics files now addresses issue whereby can now enter in text “i”, “k”, “m”, “o” or “y” in the Operand field in a custom filter.
o Part’s Serial Number column now sorts correctly
o Now able to filter by [NonBlanks] on Part’s Serial Number column
o Do be aware that when filtering on a unit’s Serial Number field that is based on the Unit Display Format in Global Settings, the sort is always based on the serial number regardless where placed in the order – i.e “Vendor, Model, Serial” – even though Vendor is first in the display format, the sort will still be on the serial number.

  •     Search Database Issue

o Addressed issue that occurs when entering a search term that returned a workorder item loan record.

  •     Schedule Screen Issue

o If number of workorder items is more than can be displayed in a day, the arrow image on the bottom of the date will now allow you to click down through to display additional workorder items. To return to viewing those listed at the top of the day, click onto another date.

  •     Workorder Issues

o Addressed issue with SQL where unable to delete a service workorder if it had more than one workorder item requiring a user to delete a workorder item, save and so on before the workorder could be deleted.
o Addressed issue whereby if attempted to select today’s date in drop down selection calendars, no date would display.

  •     Quote Issue

o Addressed issue with Introductory Text field allowing entry of more than 255 characters when attempt to save would result in error as database can only allow 255

  •     Inventory Issue

o Removal of serial numbers via a part adjustment now correctly makes that serial number unavailable for selection in service workorder’s Parts and not display in Part Inventory

  •     Notifications

o Pop-up source for the following notification subscriptions now correctly open corresponding object
§ Service bank – hours depleted
§ Service bank – currency depleted
§ Service bank – incidents depleted
§ Schedule Marker – Just created
§ Schedule Marker – Event imminent
o Displayed message for the following notification subscriptions now correctly identifies corresponding unit or client
§ Service bank – hours depleted
§ Service bank – currency depleted
§ Service bank – incidents depleted

QBI update
compatibility with AyaNova v3.2.5
AyaNova client import into QuickBooks now imports client name into Address fields

Issues Addressed in v3.2.6

  •     Search Database

o New entries into Banked Service Description text field now will display in Search Database. Previous entries were not indexed.
o Text entries in Misc Exp’s Summary and/or Description fields will now display in Search Database.
o Text entries in Unit Service Types grid will now display in Search Database
o Text entries in Unit Schedulable User Groups text fields will now display in Search Database
o New entries into Outside Service text fields now will display in Search Database. Previous entries were not indexed.

  •     Schedule Screen 

o Schedulable User Group entry screen now able to view User Certification names and User Skills names. Also change in how selected. Whereas before used checkmark, now click to highlight, or click again to de-select.
o Scroll arrows now viewable and selectable in 7 DAY and MONTH view in Schedule Screen. Do note screen does require selecting the day before scroll button displays.

  •     Inventory

o Fixed a bug that under certain circumstances, when deleting a part record from a quote or PM type work order could cause the quantity to be added back to inventory
o Can now receive a quantity of 0 for a serialized part in a purchase order receipt

  •     Security Groups 

o Workorder Close By Date now grayed out when user logged in is part of security group that has Read Only rights to this field. Do note previously although field wasn’t grayed out, any changes to Close By Date were discarded on save and exit if user security group had Read-Only access.
o If security group has Read Only access to Task objects, they can select an existing Task Group and the jump button to view, but all aspects are grayed out to edit.
o Reminder about previous new feature provided in V3.2.5 - can prevent Closed checkbox from being accessible by users if set Object.Workorder.Close to Read Only
o Reminder about feature always available - can prevent users in security groups from deleting workorder and items by setting Object.Workorder to Read/Write only.

  •     Units grid

o Unit Model Category column now available in Units grid. Need to checkmark to make it display.
o Unit Model Category field now available in reports from Units grid.
o Units grid now correctly displays True or False for Banked Service column

  •     Service Workorder entry screen 

o Following fields are restricted to entry of 255 characters Summary, Contact, Client Reference#, Internal reference #, Item Summary, and Description field in Parts whereas previously receive error if entered more than 255 characters
o Removed Exit button from Service Workorder, Quote and PM entry screen - users were hitting delete button instead of Exit button, when they should have been selecting Save & Exit. To exit without saving, select the X in the upper right-hand corner.

  •     PM convert to Service Workorders 

o Preventive Maintenance order now generated even if Start Date & Time and Stop Date & Time are empty.

[COLOR=navy][FONT=Verdana]Issues Addressed in v3.2.7

  • Inventory
    Columns in Parts Request List via a Purchase Order now show all columns.
    Columns in a ReStock List via a Purchase Order now show all columns.


AyaNova 3.3.0 Maintenance Fixes:
Workorder entry screen

  • Addressed an internal code issue. When 3.3 is first logged in solely by the AyaNova Administrator, it will reset all user’s workorder entry screen height, width, etc. User’s on first login will reset and this will be saved for the next time they open a workorder entry screen.
  • Outside Service Shipped By vendor list now displayed alphabetically
  • included code to account for users with screen setting size of 120dpi
  • if part request has been placed on PO but not yet ordered, user can delete part request which will delete from PO as well as from workorder.
    Shortcut selection to create new workorder
  • Addressed issue whereby if right-clicked on blank serial number field in grid would previously result in error - because no unit was identified. Now shortcut to create workorder or PM will not display unless unit is present
    Vendors grid
  • Addressed error that would occur if selected to filter by specific vendor in Vendors grid
    Contact entry screen
  • Addressed Key Not Found error that would occur if screen-size of monitor in use resulted in exception in the Form_SizeChanged method on form load
    Schedulable User Groups entry screen
  • Addressed Key Not Found error that would occur if screen-size of monitor in use resulted in exception in the Form_SizeChanged method on form load
    Task Group entry screen
  • Addressed Key Not Found error that would occur if screen-size of monitor in use resulted in exception in the Form_SizeChanged method on form load
    Part entry screen
  • Addressed issue where if selected the Alternative Wholesaler jump button, it would open the selected Wholesaler instead
    Tax Codes subgrid
  • Only tax codes that have not yet been saved to the database can be deleted
    Purchase Order entry screen - Parts Request List
  • now correctly displays all columns identifying part request in list
    Notify Subscription Deliveries
  • edited so maintains log of last seven days instead of last 30. 30 days of logs adds to database size needlessly, and 7 days provides enough minimum amount of time to check log if experiencing an issue.

AyaNova 3.3.0 New Features:
Compatibility with new optional interface WBI 3

  • added new features for compaitiblity with WBI
    Customer Service Requests
  • added new Customer Service Requests grid accessible via the Clients navigation pane
  • Please refer to the latest revision of the AyaNova v3 Manual for details on use with the optional web browser interface WBI
    Parts grid
  • added Notes field as selectable in summary report templates
    Part entry screen
  • added printing of report templates from within part entry screen
    User entry screen
  • now allows creation of client/head office user login - refer to the WBI Manual for instructions to configure a client/head office for login using the optional add-on WBI (web browser interface)
  • Message datafield now selectable in summary report template
  • Added ability to print an individual memo from within the memo entry screen
    Unit entry screen
  • Added ability to select report templates from within the Unit entry screen
  • ability to print out Unit Meter Reading for that unit (open Unit Meter Reading grid and create summary report template for this grid)
    Unit Model entry screen
  • Added ability to select report templates from within the Unit Model entry screen
    Notify Subscriptions
  • if a user is set deleted or set to inactive, their notification subscriptions are automatically deleted from the database
    Do note that full Vista compatibility is not yet avaialble - we are guess-timating release of Vista compatible files in late December / January ETA depends on a number of factors including other components that are used with AyaNova that we have to ourselves wait on updates for.
    WBI 3.3 New Features
  • please refer to the Online WBI Manual from for details
    QBI 3.3 New Features:
  • Description field from AyaNova workorder part will now be imported to QuickBooks invoice unless the Description field is empty or has exact same text as serial number field.
  • If an object in QuickBooks is set to inactive, but was previously linked to an object in AyaNova, QBI will now advise you at start up and ask whether to unlink or not.
  • If an AyaNova client has only one address (physcial or postal), when imported into QuickBooks, the one address will be imported into both Ship To and Bill To
  • now compatible with QuickBooks 2007

Generator New Features:

New feature as of January 16: Now installs as a service instead of a desktop application

AyaNova New Features:

New feature: compatibility with Windows Vista

New feature: Head Office column now displayable in Service navigation pane grids. By default when first log in, this field is unchecked - to display it, right-click on any column heading and checkmark the column.
Can now filter by Head Office

New feature: Head Office now a selectable field in Service navigation pane grids Summary style report templates

New feature: Bill To Head Office bool field, Head Office and Head Office postal address information now selectable in Service workorder grid and Items grid Detailed style report templates.

New feature: Can now use Bill To Head Office bool field along with script to determine whether a Head Office postal address should display on a workorder Detailed style report template. New sample report templates can be found within the AyaNova Support Forum’s Printing & Sample Report Templates section.

New feature: Can now create new and print a Summary style report template from within the Service Banked grid for a client, head office or unit. Do note that as the report can only be displayed for the client (or head office or unit) entry screen that is presently opened - the name of the client (or head office or unit) is not a selectable data field in the report template.

New feature: Can now create new and print a Summary style report template from within the Unit Meter Reading grid for a unit. Do note that as the report can only be displayed for the unit entry screen that is presently opened, the name of the unit is not a selectable data field in the report template.

New feature: AyaNova will now use your Regional Settings for Time format - able to use 24 Hour instead of 12 hour. (do note that report templates that are set to display time will default to using your computer’s regional Settings for Time as well)

New feature: Added ability to notify if new client request has been made by a client. (Note we have on our list for future version to include ability to specify to notifiy only if Emergency is selected)

New Feature: Using latest printing engine components (note report templates made from multiple tables no longer show the Report Wizard link as Wizard did not beforeas well as is not able to allow selection of sub-tables datafields)

New Features: Using latest user interface controls

New Feature: Grids now have alternating whitesmoke color rows to differentiate from alternating rows.

New Feature: When entering a new part number, AyaNova will warn if the part number already exists in the database. This willnot prevent you from adding duplicates - just warns.

New Feature: Quantity Received column in a Purchase Order will now always default to the far left making it easier to view received amounts whereas before it may show up at the far right if previously viewing a PO that had not been ordered yet and then opening a PO that had received items.

New Feature: Now when select to open a workorder from the Items grid, that workorder item record will be shown by default instead of the first workorder item if the workorder has mulitple items.

New Feature: If a single user is selected for viewing in the Schedule screen, their name displays at the top making it easier to determine whose schedule it is for when a print out is made.

New Feature: Client column now available in Users grid in Administration that will display the Client name if user is a client

AyaNova Maintenance Fixes:

Fixed: Previously if when moving a workorder item or copying a workorder item, if typed in an invalid workorder number, an error message would display. Now no selection unless select a valid workorder number.

Fixed: Edited Workorder Item grid within the Workorder entry screen so that if Service Notes field is in other than first column position, it changes it max size so that when typing, the field stays within the workorder entry screen.

Fixed: For consistency, removed the Exit menu option from additional entry screens as had previously done with Workorder entry screen - less menu options for user to accidentally select when can use the X in upper right hand corner to close if not saving.

Fixed: Addressed error that would occur if attempted to filter by User Type column in Users grid in Administration navigation pane

Fixed: Added that if you un-checkmark all columns from showing in a grid, that one column stays check-marked regardless - so that you can go back in and re-select columns to show.

Fixed: New Infragistics update allows use of scroll wheel on mouse in drop down grid controls

Fixed: New Infragistics update allows emptying of date field in Client -> Contract Expires field, Head Office -> Contract Expires field, Project -> Date Completed field.

Fixed: Contract Expiry Date now enforced in workorders for Client including if have Head Office that has the contract

Fixed: Part Inventory report now displays all serial numbers in report, not just first listed

Fixed: Inactive workorder statuses now no longer show as selectable if not previously selected.

Fixed: Adding a new Shipper via the Ship Via jump button within a workorder item will now repopulate after adding the new shipper so no need to exit out of the workorder and back in to be able to select the Shipper from the drop down list.

Fixed: Issue where Schedule screen scroll bar at bottom “locks” after moving between different Schedulable Users

Fixed: Issue where bottom scroll bar in Labor, Parts etc (sub-screens of workorder) may disappear

Fixed: Issue where if you moved the first column that was sorted to the second column that the “sort” image stayed with what was now the second column instead of moving to what is now the first column.

Fixed: Within Memo entry screen, displays amount of time ago the message was sent correctly

Fixed: removed Merge/Separate menu option that is not relevant to Schedule screen when 1 Day or 5 Day is selected.

Fixed: Actual Created By and Last Modified By username now displays as username instead of internal database ID number in report from Search Database

Fixed: Removed filter image on Service Date (relative) column in Service grid as this column is not filterable

WBI New Features & Maintenance Fixes:

New feature: compatibility with Windows Vista

New feature: WBI for client login now shows Workorder Summary column when viewing list of workorders

Fixed: Now able to save selected Workorder Item Type in workorder item

Fixed: If have set Use Inventory = False via Global Settings, workorder entry screen now opens correctly, and allows correct selection of Parts (do note that you must reboot the WBI Server completely if changing the Use Inventory settings before they will affect users logging in via WBI)

Fixed: Client with Contract that restricts to selected rates only now applied via WBI - only specified rates appear in drop down selection for that client.

Fixed: Deleting a loan item record in a workorder no longer results in error

Fixed: Printing a report via IE6 now displays any images due to the latest version of the printing component now included with the latest version of WBI and AyaNova

AyaNova Fix:

Fixed: error “incorrect band type DevExpress.XtraReports.v6.3” would occur attempting to Save As a multiple table report template

Fixed: inability to change primary Contact for client, head office or vendor

AyaNova Fixes:

Fixed: Notes field in Outside Service sub-screen in workorder entry screen now back to size of label above.

Fixed: Tab order of entry screens have been updated

Fixed: popups of workorder item information via Schedule screen now show in Month and 7 Day view. DO note that if you place your mouse over the time of the item, you will get a four-sided arrow to identified that if you then click on that workorder item, you can move it. To popup the information instead, place your mouse over the wo# or other text to get the popup of info for that workorder item

[FONT=Verdana]QBI New Features and Fixes:

New Feature: Preferences now includes choice of setting workorder to Closed or not after invoice is made in QuickBooks

Fixed: “Limit to list” setting now applies to Preferences selections - in that although you can type something into the drop down list, if the item you are typing in is not in the actual drop down list, QBI will not accept it. This is to prevent an error from occurring if a user types in text that is not in QuickBooks

WBI 3.4.0 Fixes and New Features:

New Feature: can now can view, can add, can print from Client, HeadOffice and Unit’s Banked Service - Note that when you first create or edit a record to use banking you must save that record before you can use the ServiceBank hyperlink beside it to access it’s service bank.

Fixed: Message "“The operation cannot be completed. Workorder is not saved or has broken rules” that would occur when closing a print preview for a workorder not set to Service Completed

Fixed: Issue with saving data in custom fields

Fixed: Issue with drop down lists in Head Office and Client entry screens

Fixed: Issue with Project entry screen not localizing after menu option Save

AyaNova New Features:

Drop down autocomplete feature - now in a grid drop down list you can start typing out a complete item instead of just the first letter. For example, when selecting a part in a workorder entry screen, you can type t to “jump” to the parts that start with t, and continue to type in the part number to continue to “jump” to it - very useful and timesaving if you have a lot of parts that start with the same number of letter. Another example is selecting a part from within a workorder, you can start typing in the name and it will “jump” to it - whereas before you could only type in the first charcter.

Account Number from Rate table for the rate selected is now a column in the appropirate grids (Scheduled User, Travel, Labor, etc) as well as selectable from within the report templates for those grids as well as selected for report templates for detailed Service Workorder report template

Part Inventory grid - now includes the column Active to denote if a part is checkmarked Active or not in its entry screen so that users can filter to show only parts that are active or not

Detailed Service Workorder Report Template - now includes two additional data fields in the WorkorderHeader - the Record Created and the Record Modified datafields - useful if you want to show on a report comparing when the workorder was created compared to the date the Labor was actually performed.

Client Notes - Can now add a client note for a client by right-clicking on its name in any grid

Client Notes - Client Notes entry screen now shows client’s name at the top for clarification

Client Notes - Now includes non-editable column displaying name of user that entered the client notes

Client Notes - Now has two date fields - the Note Date which is now editable so that you can enter the date the note was meant for, as well as the Created Date field which is automatically populated with the date of entry

Part Requests grid - now includes the Closed column so that you can now filter the Part Requests by closed workorders

Part Requests List via a Purchase Order - now no longer shows outstanding part requests if the workorder has been closed

Search Database Description field - the Description field will now display the workorder number and its client whether the search result is from the workorder header, workorder item or a sub-item

Unit Model column in Items grid now displays both the name and the number of the unit model

QuickFind field - hitting Enter key on your keyboard after typing in a number will automatically attempt to open a workorder entry screen with that number. Or you can continue to use your mouse to select to open a workorder with that number or a quote or a PM

Workorder Item Status - now the Item Status shows colored just like the Workorder Status does in all of the grids where it is an available column

255 text fields now display balloons - text fields in the workorder entry screen header area (Summary, Contact, Client Ref # and Internal Ref #) now display a “balloon” of all of the entered text when you hover your mouse over. This allows you to see all entered text even if your screen resolution is not wide enough

Task order in workorder entry screen - Tasks will now display the order they were entered into the Task Entry screen. This means that you do not need to create a task pre-numbered so it sorts properly - it will display in the workorder how you entered it. Do note that you can use the sort image on the grid to sort alphabetically by the first character, but it will revert back to the way it was entered within the Task Entry screen. Do note if add to existing Task Groups that were created prior to, the sort order will go alphabetically, so you will want to remove all tasks in the task group and then set again.

Accelerator Keys - now available when in the main grid, within a client entry screen and within a unit entry screen.

Alt-X closes form or program depending on whether you’re in a subscreen or not. prompts to save, same action as clicking on close in menu. This is enabled for every window in the program that normally has a close button on it’s menu.

Alt-m = Preventive maintenance
Alt-w = service work order
Alt-q = Quote

Selecting these from main form pops up client selector, then workorder after client selection
Selecting these from client form opens new workorder directly with client selected
Selecting these from the Unit form opens new workorder directly with both client and unit selected

//Alt-u new unit
Works from main form or client form, in the case of client form the client is preselected in the new unit form.

//Alt-p new part (main form only)

In all cases of using accelerator keys from sub forms like client and unit, if the client or unit is newly created and not saved, or the user has insufficient rights then the accelerator keys do nothing with the exception of alt-x

AyaNova Fixes & Features:

PeachTree Interface compatiblity: v3.4.2.0 is compatible with the new PeachTree interface just released!

Feature: Drop down boxes when empty now show a minus sign in them when they are empty so that it is easier to identify when a field is empty, compared to when you have typed in a space.

Feature: If a task item is unchecked so it is no longer active, it will no longer be added to a workorder list of tasks. Also if a task item is unchecked so that it is no longer active, it will display in gray font in the list of selectable and/or selected tasks in the Task Group entry screen for identification.

Fixed: Merged 7 Day view via Schedule screen now shows pop-ups

Fixed: Space now normal between Contacts sub-grid and Notes and Address fields in Client and Vendor entry screens.

Fixed: issue selecting newly created Unit Model via steps outlined in

QBI Fixes:

Fixed: no longer receive error attempting to import an AyaNova client or vendor that does not have a primary phone number


Features: Refer to the PTI web page for details on the new optional interface with PeachTree

AyaNova Fixes:

Fixed: issue that would occur attempting to add records to any of the SubGrids if connecting to the database via a Data Portal connection

WBI Fixes:

Fixed: Starting with version, you must first check-mark Service Completed if you want to check-mark the Closed checkbox in a workorder entry screen via WBI. The Closed checkbox will display gray until Service Completed is check-marked. If the security group your AyaNova username belongs to does not have Read/Write or read/Write/Delete rights to the Object.Workorder.Close , than even with Service Completed check-marked, Closed field will remain grayed.

In other words, you can not go directly to Close without first checkmarking Service Completed.

Fixed: Email addresses and web sites now display on the Client grid and the Vendor grid.

Issues Fixed in v3.5.0.0
**New Feature

  • Pre-set date filters now include Yesterday and Week Previous (in addition to Today, Tomorrow, Month - Current, etc etc) so that you can create a saved filter without having to manually enter in yesterday’s date in a custom filter
  • 7 Day View in Schedule screen now uses same scroll bar at the top (instead of at the bottom) so able to continue to use scroll bar if using other than the (ALL) Schedulable User Group
  • Removed Delete keymapping from Schedule screen as requires that user opens workorder item itself before deleting from menu option within the workorder entry screen
  • Fixed issue whereby it would appear that indivdual Schedule screen view for indivdual user would disappear if selected back and forth between self and (ALL)
  • Now able to single drag and drop items on the Schedule screen whereas previously had to first click on to select, and than hover to be able to drag.
  • Added four new localization keys so able to properly retrieve their underlying value for filtering in the Status column in the Quote grid
  • WorkorderQuoteStatusTypes.Label.Awarded
  • WorkorderQuoteStatusTypes.Label.Submitted
  • WorkorderQuoteStatusTypes.Label.NotAwarded
  • WorkorderQuoteStatusTypes.Label.InProgress
  • Inactive tax codes now won’t show in drop down selection in any of the five places in a workorder entry screen where taxes may be selected.
    Note that because tax codes are used in 5 different places on the work order, if any one of those 5 places has a pre-existing inactive tax code selected all other lists in that workorder will display it in their drop downs however it will display as gray inactive text.
  • Security Group jump button within User entry screen now opens the selected security group. Note this jump button will not create a new security group - use the Security Group grid to do so.
  • Can now delete a workorder item created as a result of accepting a cusotmer’s service request (or the entire workorder). The customer service request will revert back to the open status when the workorder item is deleted (or entire workorder is deleted)
  • Erase option will no longer delete regions as per documentation
  • Fixed issue in Unit of workorder that if create or edit Unit Service Type, the selected unit would appear to be no longer selected even though if exited out and back in, the selected unit would show again
  • Fixed issue in Unit of workorder where unit selected would appear to no longer be selected when drop down list of availalbe units.
  • Able to now delete a received part request from a workorder. Useful if although a part was requested for a specific workorder, if it was not used, can delete the request so no longer associated with that workorder
  • Workorder will now notify you when there are un-ordered part requests if you are attempting to close a workorder
  • now if add parts via workorder Part entry screen via WBI but did not accept into the Part sub-screen of the workorder by selecting the checkmark to accept, now will get error message advising you that you have to accept first before proceeding.

New Features & Fixes in v3.6.0.0

New features:

  • AyaNova will now advise you (but not prevent you) that you have created a new Unit with the same serial number as an existing unit.
  • AyaNova will advise you if you enter in a duplicate serial number of an already exiting Loan Item.
  • Loan Item entry screen now includes six additional currency fields that are default localized to Hour rate, Half Day Rate, Day Rate, Week Rate, Month Rate, Year Rate. These additonal fields are optional.
  • Loan Item grid now displays the additonal six currency fields so that you can see at a glance rates set for that loan item. Can also produce reports from this grid showing the rates.
  • Loans sub-screen in workorder now displays two additional fields (Rate and Rate Quantity). Quantity defaults to 1. When select a rate the Charges field is automatically updated with the Rate $ mulitplied by the Rate Quantity. You can also manually edit the Charges field - including if you do not use set rates, just enter in the Charges and leave Rate Quantity at 1.
  • Loans grid in Service navigation pane now displays three additional columns (Rate, Rate Quantity, Rate Amount) that are also accessible in the Loans summary report templates.
  • Service Workorder grid and Items grid detailed report templates now includes three additional datafields in a detailed report template so that you can identify the Rate, Rate Quantity, and/or Rate Amount of a selected Loan Item within a workorder.
    [FONT=Verdana]- some users will notice a performance improvement with SQL
    [/FONT]WBI - loan new fields in workorder entry screen and in Loan entry screen
    QBI - when importing QuickBooks client into AyaNova that has only Bill To Address, will place this address into both Physical and Postal Address in AyaNova.
    PTI - when importing PeachTree client into AyaNova that has only Bill To Address, will place this address into both Physical and Postal Address in AyaNova.
    PTI - when importing AyaNova client into PeachTree that has only Physical Address, will place this address into Bill To and Ship To address in PeachTree


Notification & Generator related:

  • Messages sent to SMS devices will now come from Reply To/From email address set up in Global Settings instead of from
  • If your SMTP Server requires use of port other than 25, can now set in Global Settings field SMTP Server the smtp server name plus colon and port number. i.e. if you SMTP Server is and your port is 865, in Global Settings, set SMTP Server field to
  • if user used “Log Out” and than logged in again, events that should result in notification now will.

Contact subgrid in Client, Vendor and HeadOffice

  • when create a new contact record, the record row created will now also be the row that is highighted and ready for entry

Workorder entry screen

  • can now copy text from Closed or Service Completed workorder from text fields in Parts and Labor that has been banked.

Schedule Screen

  • now unable to add a new scheduled workorder item via the Schedule screen to a Closed workorder.
  • no longer receive error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.” attempting to drag and drop workroder item from one user to another when Schedule screen is first screen to appear after login.

Purchase Order entry screen:

  • when Drop to Client is selected, the two menu options Part requests and Restock List are no longer available for selection. Select part requests before selecting Drop to Client.


  • when connecting via Data Portal, AyaNova will now advise you when you attempt to enter in a loan serial number that is the same as an existing loan item.
  • when connecting via Data Portal, AyaNova will now advise you when you attempt to enter in a part number that is the same as an existing part.
  • when connecting via Data Portal, AyaNova will now advise you when you attempt to enter in a client name that is the same as an existing client.
  • when connecting via DataPortal, initiating an event that should result in a notification now does.


  • now if set Object.WorkorderPreventiveMaintence or Object.WorkorderQuote to Forbidden for a security group, the user of that security group won’t be able to see the PM grid or Quote grid at all

WBI fixes:

  • if security group is set to Read Only for a workorder subscreen, that sub-screen will now no longer show the + or edit symbol.
  • security group setting for Object.WorkorderService.CloseByDate can be Read ONly or Forbidden without affecting any other field in workorder entry screen now.
  • WBI client with security group of Read/Write or lower to Object.ClientServiceRequest will no longer have the Delete menu button on their menu.