NEW OPTION (?) - Can I generate a PM from an existing WO?

Is there an option or can we have it put in to allow us to generate a Prevenative Maintenance WO from an exisiting Service WO?? We sometimes have one-time customers that want to go with annual service with us and its time consuming to reenter everything again onto a PM?? Is there and easier way I am not seeing or is this a potential new feature? Thanks guys.


A service workorder can be generated from a PM, but no not the other way around.
You would need to enter the data into a PM itself, and then the PM can generate service workorders as needed

I agree, its a great idea to be able to create a PM from an existing service workorder that has all of the data already entered. Yes development has it on their list to look into adding as a new feature for a future version. Thank you for your great suggestion

  • Joyce

:smiley: As always you guys are on top of your game!!! Thanks and I and the rest of the world look forward to the next great release!! Have a great week guys.

Hello Guys,

I have one more comment on this… we do extinguisher service work, SOME clients are one time only but some AFTER we service them ask to be serviced on a continuous basis… NOW this forces us to after the fact re-enter ALL the data from the WO to a new PM currently… Can you PLEASE make someway to not have to re-enter sometime HUNDREDS of unit entries (we keep each extinguisher as a unit in the system)… can you can a way to convert a WO to a PM??? It would save us HOURS of data entry. I know this cannot be done in the current version but it would help IMMENSLY if this feature could be added in the future.

Thank you for your suggestion!

  • Joyce