**New service workorder template feature now in AyaNova 4**

Is it possible to set “workorder status”, for example, to a default value when a work order is created?


Not at this time.

This is in the Wish List to add a setting via Global Settings - a default value for a new workorder, as well as a default value for a workorder check-marked to Closed. We also have on the Wish List the ability to create “workorder templates” - where you can pre-select drop-downs, as well as pre-enter text.

I will move this into the Wish List section of this forum, so that this topic is there.

  • Joyce

The service workorder templates available in AyaNova 4 will allow you to “pre-set” many different fields, as well you can create as many different service workorder templates as needed (i.e. you may have a speciifc template for certain clients, etc).

  • Joyce