**new simplified installation, configuration and updates with AyaNova 4**

[Administrator Forum Note: AyaNova 4 now has new simplier maintenance update as the same AyaNovaSetup.exe file of the new version only has to be run; as well the initial installation and ocnfiguration for networking has been made much simplier]

I think it would be great and save me some significant time if there were executable update files that replaced whatever files needed to be replaced as well as a client deploy file. It get very tiresome copy and pasting all the neccesary files onto all of the computers where there could be a simple executable to do it for me that i could deploy. I can do it with a series of batch files but batch files cause their own problems on occasion.


Please add my vote/wish to simplify the installation process.

Today one of our users attempted to update the AyaNova, QBI and the Generator programs. The user became confused after reading the installation instructions and accidentally mixed file versions on all of our workstations.

I would like to see an installer program made available that confirms which programs are used, compares the file versions between old and new, and then performs the updates automatically.




Instead of using the QuickFix update to replace existing files, you could perform the FULL upgrade steps - backup database and configuration files, perform the uninstallation via Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs to uninstall, download the full installation file, and perform the full installation. Refer to the FULL Upgrade instructions for details.

We provide the QuickFix for those users that feel comfortable or perfer just replacing the relevant files.

  • Joyce

I understand that is something that could be done but in my particular case we are not having problems with the updates it is just a nusence and uninstalling the application then deleting the files from all pc’s then reinstalling, and recopying the files would probably be more of a nusence. THe solutions i am wishing for here is a one click executable file that could be run on the server to upgrade all neccesary files automaticly, a client install that would install a client version of ayanova on other pc’s. Once that is installed it should check the server for version compatibility every time it is launched and if the server has an update the client should automaticly install them. Basicly i would like to see true client server software the less administrative overhead.


Thank you for your posts and suggestions.

We will be looking into a simplier way to process updates, for both stand-alone configurations and for network configurations.

  • Joyce

The new AyaNova 4 installation and configuration will be changed and simplified from version 3

In addition to the main AyaNova program, majority of add-ons are also installed via the same installation file.

As well, majority of AyaNova programs (main and the add-on) are all installed to the same program folder and use the same configuration file.

And network installation will be easier as networked users would just run the installation file, select “networked computer” and it will install needed program files, the config file to the server, as well as desktop - no need for the admin to run it and configure on each workstation.

And when no charge updates are provided, the administrator would just run the new downloaded installation file again on the server to the database, update WBI if applicable, and than provide the AyaNova installation file in a shared directory along with the config.txt file for all users to run without having to physically go to each station. The administrator could also set up an automated setup to run when users log in on their stations

For example: AyaNovaSetup.exe /type=workstation /silent

Note that on Vista with UAC turned on the setup file is not signed so it will always display the Cancel or Allow dialog and if the user is not in the administrators group will also request elevated privileges during setup.

Note that it is also possible to choose the optional tasks from a command line automated installation using the /tasks= parameter followed by a quoted list of comma separated keywords representing the setup tasks desired. For example:
AyaNovaSetup.exe /type=workstation /tasks=“qbi,gen,utils,pti/2007” /silent

See also http://forum.ayanova.com/Topic3688-109-1.aspx