New Workorder - Error On Page if Use Inventory set to False

When adding a new workorder Item or selecting existing items, the WBI is unable to retrive information from the database. The circular progress indicator keeps going round but nothing else happens. The error from IE.7 is as follows



Error: cannot update control with ID:ctl00_cph_gridPartsRequest. The control does not exist.





As per topic will send via private post a link for a special WBI installation file to address this issue. We are right in the middle of development for the next update which will be providing a number of new enhancements to AyaNova as well as fix known issues that will require a large update (multiple files etc) so I will not be posting thisnew WBI installation filefor general consumption - only for those that must have it because they have Use Inventory set to false in Global Settings with AyaNova 3.3

See also topic

  • Joyce