No charge labor hours

How can I enter no charge labor hours in Aya Nova?

Can I import them to Quickbooks and have them appear on the invoice as no charge hours?


Hi Robert

I will direct you to reply to your previous two questions on entering no charge hours, and suggestions if you do not use labor taxes.

rltrobert (6/5/2006)Can I import them to Quickbooks and have them appear on the invoice as no charge hours?

Quantity identified in the No Charge column for Labor is not imported into a QuickBooks invoice via QBI

If you wish the no charge quantity to be identified on a QuickBooks invoice, it may be suggested to:

-Create an actual rate in AyaNova called No Charge Rate, set its price at $0.00
-Link to an actual rate in QuickBooks called No Charge Rate (for example), set its price at $0.00
-In a Labor item in a service workorder, enter in a separate labor record selecting the No Charge Rate from the Service Rate field, enter in the total number of no charge amount into the Service Rate Quantity field, select the schedulable user, and fill out other fields in this row as needed

This way when you use QBI, in addition to creating the QuickBooks invoice with the actual billable hours derived from the Service Rate and the Service Rate Quantity, the amount for no charge would also be invoiced but at the amount of $0 as it is considered an actual rate.

  • Joyce

Note for AyaNova users using Banked Service for clients:

If tracking Hours in Banked Service - do note that as Hours is based on the quantity of the Service Rate Quantity - if you apply a Labor record against Banked Service, any numerical amount in Service Rate Quantity would be subtracted in your Banked Service Hours amount.

If tracking $ amount in Banked Service, this of course, would not affect the $ amount in the Banked Service for the client, as the service rate would be set at $0.00