No Charge Quantity being invoiced

We have noticed that when we place labor or parts in a workorder and provide it a No Charge Quantity it is still pulled into the QB invoice. Am I misunderstanding the No Charge Quantity feature? I am assuming that items that have a value in this cell would not be transferred into a QB invoice.



QBI does not take into consideration anything entered in the No Charge Qty field.

QBI only takes into consideration the quantity in the Service Rate Qty and the price you have set for the selected Service Rate (and discount if applicable).
What will be charged in the QuickBooks invoice is the Service Rate Qty multiplied by the AyaNova Service Rate for that labor item (and discount if applicable)
You can confirm this by viewing what the Service Rate Qty is for the record, and what the price is set for the selected Service Rate in AyaNova for that labor record.


Not sure what you mean by “No Charge Quanty” for a part. There is not a field in the Parts subsection of a workorder that is by default labeled “No Charge Quantity”. Which field are you referring to?

How the part quantity and price is billed into the QuickBooks invoice depends on what you selected if the part price in AyaNova was different then the part price in QuickBooks as per
What is the price of the part record in the AyaNova workorder (including discount as per vs what is the price of the part in QuickBooks.
What is the quantity entered in the workorder’s Quantity field for that part record?

Take a look at those I listed above and let me know you now have this

  • Joyce