No Charge Quantity


In “Labor” and “Travel” there is a section called “No Charge Quantity” What would this be used for? I cann find any documentation in the forum. What we would like to use it for is to charge out hours but not bill since alot of our items are fixed cost. I tried it but it did nothing on paper.



Always check the Help documentation first - it provides details on every field in every entry screen, and suggestions on use.

For example, the Labor subsection of the Service Workorder is detailed in the section

From the Help "[i]No Charge Quantity - This would be the numeral amount of the rate not billed. You enter this amount manually.

Entering no charge amounts can be used to indicate on workorder reports to a client how much free work they received.

Both the Service Rate Quantity and the No Charge Quantity columns allow you to enter in the number of hours to charge the customer for the work provided. You can enter whole numbers or fractions of hours (e.g. 1.5, 1.25).

For example, a technician was onsite for 4 hours total: The decision is to charge the client only for 1 hour. Therefore Service Rate Quantity will have the number 1 for the number of hours that are actually billable. The No Charge Quantity will have 3 entered to indicate the total number of hours that are not billed. The two combined fields total the total number of hours.

In many service industries it is sometimes necessary to perform some work at no charge; this gives you an opportunity to indicate this clearly to the customer and gain goodwill by making it apparent to the client that they have not been charged for something.[/i]"

That’s what the No Charge Quantity would be suggested to be used for - to not bill those hours, but show them to the customer.

And in relation to the report, unless the datafield is actually placed on the report template design panel, it is not going to show. Whereas if you take a look at some of the example report templates in Report Template section of this forum, you will see that these examples do have the No Charge Qty datafield on them - for example, do a search for No Charge Quantity in the forum and check out the posts such as topic No-charge-hours-calculation and topic Sample-Total-Workorder-Billable-Grouped-By-Client